Can you overcome your loneliness if you are a Capricorn?

It is lonely at the top, that is sure. Not many people fit up there. Mountains are pointy and small at the top, wider and wider as you descend. Lots of people fit down in the valley, in the low country where it’s flat, not all that special and peoples’ feet are grounded closer to sea level. It’s lonely to work late and miss a yoga class, or become a boss and not eat at the same table in the cafeteria. It’s also very lonely to work so hard to pay the mortgage but not be able to spend time with the family. It’s also lonely to work so hard to afford a fancy something so you feel comfortable in public. It feels lonely to be disconnected from neighbors and friends and family.

Any way you cut it — traditional, esoteric, ancient or modern, — the ruler of Capricorn is just always Saturn which in its highest expression is even more spiritual than the 12th house. Saturn is also time. Loneliness would mean a Saturn imbalance, a time imbalance, the proportion of time feeling connected to people is less than the amount of time feeling meaningful connection to people leading to a spiritually disconnect. So what do you do?

Well, you like to work, right? What are you good at? Are you good at using computers? Do you know how to repair cars? Volunteer time somewhere to people who have serious issues going on which prevent them from earning money. Teach someone at a shelter how to use the program Word. Teach an older person how to write an email. Repair the van of a soup kitchen, or a center for abuse, for example. You might know of someone in your building or on your street who is bed ridden and they need someone to go to the store and get them some bananas toothpaste or toilet paper.

This gets you out with a new purpose, opens up your world, changes your patterns and shifts the ground you walk upon. Have fun!


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