Saturn and the Discipline of Love

A reader writes in:
I have recently discovered that my partner has a Saturn square sun aspect which is aspected to my moon. My understanding is that this is not good! Could you shed some light on this please, particularly if this kinda thing is an indicator of an aspect with potential problems strong enough to break up a relationship (hypothetically of course). My partner will go through Saturn Returns in approx two years time (we got together seriously during mine) and I have fears this could be the time for change? Any assistance with what this means or how problems caused by this aspect could be helped would be
greatly appreciated. 

Thanks, Cap Moon
My Moon, Capricorn 17 degrees 8th house
My partner’s Sun, Capricorn 18 degrees 4th house 
My partner’s Saturn, Libra 22 degrees 12th house

Dear Cap Moon,
With the skeleton of information you gave me, I made a diagram starting with your boyfriend’s Saturn in the 12th house.Then I added in your Cap Moon, just one degree away from your honey’s. That was all the information you gave me, and that is helpful, because it shows how you are looking at your charts — with trepidation! If I just look at a chart with only Saturn and the Sun and Moon both in Capricorn, I get very very serious and start to get scared, but that is not the whole picture at all!!!! It’s a little like not going to the grocery store because there could be a pick-pocket and deciding to stay home and die of starvation.

As people interested in astrology, we do ourselves a favor by looking at our own charts with compassion love and joy for our futures. As astrologers, it is my opinion we have to commit to that or else sink into a puddle of fear. Especially with a focus on Saturn as it is the ruler of your Moon, I hereby restrict you to the emotion of love while you read any chart, especially your own.

You mention you got together during your Saturn Return, this means he is mighty important to you. Both of you have important personal planets in Capricorn contacting his Saturn. You can focus on the fear if you like, but I may add, Saturn connections, no matter what, they add longevity and seriousness.

As I made the diagram of the Saturn and your Capricorn Moon and his Capricorn Sun, the phrase came into my mind, “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. And as I was drawing, one thing led to another and I kept on drawing and surprisingly enough, an oven mitt appeared before my eyes. I thought aha, this is protective so Ms. Cap Moon does not have to burn her hand on the oven, being afraid of fear. Now, in honor of you, their exists something called “The Mitt of Courage”.

Whenever you find yourself getting afraid of your boyfriend’s Saturn, make a nice soufflé or quiche or pie and use this oven mitt and keep your heart open to your Capricorn sun boyfriend. He may become the father of your children, he may become a best friend with whom you remain in contact your whole life. The important thing is you are with him NOW! I suggest using fear only as a doorway to walk through, a portal to steadfast and real love.


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