Leo Without a Rest

Hi Deirdre,
For me it is time now to leave this apartment. We didn’t move last year as you saw in in my stars but it took time to find a buyer and now we found somebody. I found an apartment not too far from the school but not as nice and big as here. So I am dreading the move and I could cry the whole day but as I have kids I always have to play to be strong…
I am with a guy who is not really there to support me as I need it. He has so many circumstances to manage in his life it seems to me. It is hard for me to accept it and to handle it. It hurts a lot and I don t know if I should end this relationship . But I also have so many good times with him which helps me to switch out of the daily routine and really have at least some days of relaxation. Or am I just being negative and seeing things dramatically?
The financial and career situation is a disaster. Well, as you see, I am a Leo full of doubts and fears about what will come next. Is this year going to be calmer?
Yours Truly,
Leo Without a Rest

Dear Leo Without a Rest,
2008 is a transition year for really almost everybody — there have been major shifts, the kinds of changes that you and I and our friends in our lifetimes have never felt before.
There were some eclipses recently that have had a powerful effect on you. This last one which was on February 21 brought in a lot of energy for you to honor and tend to yourself — to take care of your boundaries and your body.
From now until 2009 there will be eclipses in your sign, Leo. What this means is that there will be a lot of movement in your life, and the same goes for your Leo friends — big changes are ahead! You have time to be sad now, but more and more in 2008 and more and more into 2009, you will be always focusing more on other things and you will grow out of this sadness. I think around the next set of eclipses in the first two weeks of august 2008, you will get even stronger signals about how to proceed and nurture a great happiness deep in the most private areas of your soul. At this time next year, you will not be sad at all and you will just be in movement. Notice if you are criticizing your self. This could be new, so it is kind of a strange experience. It is really important to stop criticizing yourself so that it does not become a habit. You are really a Wild Woman, so please be wild!
Regarding your boyfriend looking at your chart and his chart the choice is clearly yours. My impression is if you can peel yourself away from him you can break up with him and he will not stalk or terrorize you. In fact, I believe he is a kind of a life long spirit who will be always playing as positive a role as he can in your life. My impression is he may be artistic and wild and help you drift away from reality, but maybe you would be more happy just in reality. Imagine if you had a partner or at least a group of close friends where grocery shopping and cooking is shared for example. That the other members were invested to live within walking distance of you and there was a sense of movement and continuity. You may find more meaningful connection, once you get out of this wild boyfriend routine and into a new routine. What you can do now is with your mind everyday start to make space for this new phase of life. Leo is a fixed sign, there may be great hesitation connected with change, but with awareness and focus, you can create clear energy and attract the change to you in a way which will feel normal, manageable and fun, and knowing this will help the new opportunities come in sooner.
The most useful thing you could do for the next six months until August is to concentrate on all the little and big way to help you earn money. You have a gold mine of talents which you may be hiding. Let out your talents and open up to your purpose here on Earth and flow with it. You can make significant progress from now until August, all it will take is awareness practice and focus. Ask the universe to call you or email you very soon with work that is fun for you, work that you do successfully — put in your order!


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