Dear Deirdre,
friend of mine’s husband just left her out of the blue after 17 years. What can I tell my friend to calm her down? She is not sleeping or anything.
Taurus Who Loves Her Friends

Dear Taurus Who Loves Her Friends
This couple is being deeply effected by the powerful eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis. He, the chart on the right, is a Leo, She is an Aquarius. They can be sure that any changes happening from now until August 2009 will be aligning them with their ultimate purposes. The biggest question for both of them is: what have they been ignoring at the price of maintaining the status quo? That is the issue.

I have taken a good hard look at your girlfriend the Aquarius’ chart. I think there is a good chance she has moon in Pisces, which means I think she is born sometime after 3:03pm. I think this last Lunar Eclipse at 1° Virgo opposed her Moon at 1° Pisces creating movement which feels like a crisis. In her chart, there is no other sign of the turmoil she is in. In fact this year is not about being broken hearted at all. 2008 is a year for seeing life as it is — very, very clearly and feeling the strength in the clarity, maybe for the first time in a long time.

Ms. Aquarius can rest assured that we are all born for a purpose on this planet Earth. If her husband is not by her side now, there is surely a good reason for this. She may only find out later what that is, but I recommend patience, curiosity and letting go. In actuality, our Ms. Aquarius is a very independent, intelligent woman, surely not really dependant on her Leo, not really. I know, I don’t want to belittle the situation, but the fact is for what ever reason if he is not there, then she has the opportunity to learn something about herself as an individual in society and to concentrate more on herself. If he were with her at this moment, this opportunity would be blocked. There will be a time again when her life is completely filled up with people and she may actually look back on this time, if she can believe it, fondly, actually, as she made great strides in her personal development, and got back in touch with all kinds of friends again, maybe in a more intimate way than it has been in a long time.

She has a genius aspect in her chart, Mercury in Aquarius in trine to Uranus. If she feels she is in crisis, I want to remind her she has incredible inner strength to shift from despair to intelligence — but she knows that. If she needs an image for this, she can imagine her computer and how it is to get a new operating system, like for example how it would feel to update a Mac with the newest operating system. This is how 2008 looks for her. I am sure her priority is to maintain strength to stay present for the her child and herself. Where can she get the support she needs? A crisis is an event that initiates rapid growth. From now until August, any kind of consultance she gets (spiritual, psychological or physical) will exponentially accelerate her growth. And being an Aquarius perhaps she might want to humbly turn to a group of some sort.
This year is a time for Ms. Aquarius to own, explore, maintain, and celebrate her sexual and monetary power and not be dependent on anyone for that. In 2008 their are no blockages in these areas, the matter is to look at the situation honestly and walk through the gates which are open.

There is a message that it will be easier to find the open gates while sober. I dont know if this applies but if there is a tendency to accept social drinks, there is a recommendation now to experiment with not using that substance at least until she has installed the system upgrade and it is up and running to her comfort.

Now regarding the chart of Mr. Leo, I say it is best for Ms. Aquarius to concentrate on herself. My sense is if I were to ask Mr. Leo if he is interested in this chart comparison, my impression is he won’t have the patience for this type of thing until after the eclipses are over in 2009. Sometimes if people have been together for a long long time, the best thing to do in the situation is to acknowledge divine choreography in the dance, and let the performance evolve.


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