Hearing and Seeing the Calling

A reader writes in:

Despite my belief that the universe does not mean for any of us to struggle, I feel I’ve been precisely struggling for a couple of years at least. Last year I read that with Jupiter in my 10th house my career was in the spotlight, yet it proved a very difficult year indeed.

I do some freelance work and found my day rates being cut [I largely work for charities] and I’ve also just been made redundant from my part time job [the 4th time since I’ve had children!] Is the universe telling me to do something else?

I do need to work as I am a lone parent to a 12 and 13 year old [I have been on my own for 8 years]. At the same time, I’m pulled. Do I just need to ‘release the need’ to work and trust in the universe?

I would be very grateful indeed for any insights. Have I lessons to learn? What’s on my horizon? With my children older now, I have decided to be more sociable and also put some energy into finding a fabulous relationship too! What is the universe telling me? —M

My Response:
Dear M.
When I read your letter I get the impression that with just a little shift, you might see a whole new world, don’t panic, I will tell you what I mean. My experience from Jupiter going through the natal or solar 10th house is the world gets larger — not necessarily better or worse, just larger. So since Jupiter went through your 10th house do more people know who you are? I wonder what they think you do. Do some of them think that what you do comes easily? Do they think you get paid well? Do they think of you as successful? My impression is that Jupiter gives that impression to other people, but maybe not to you, but it is up to you to trick your self into believing it, and that might be difficult if the your natal Moon is in Virgo in the twelfth house, which it is, but thats actually perfect.

One of the many fantastic qualities about Virgos is: Virgos are trainable. So, thinking about your WHOLE life and your chart, consider training yourself to see results in your life as positive feedback, and here is an example, just an idea, of saying “Luckily I was made redundant so I could spend more time with my kids, which in the end was the perfect solution.” See what I mean? In this way, sit down and write out what you like about what you do everyday. This is what I mean about the shift.

Now, to look at your chart, you are Sun in Pisces, Virgo ascendant and Moon in Virgo. See, you can totally train your self to think positive, and as a Pisces be an actress who fakes it until it is true.

Another thing I will mention, is that often if someone is energetic and earnest and feels like they are ramming their head into the wall, this can be a sign to check in with Chiron. Your natal Chiron is in Capricorn in the fifth house, and this speaks to me of the kids you have and why was it that for the fourth time you were made redundant which meant you could spend more time with your kids. For further information on your Chiron placement, I look at the ruler of Capricorn, which is Saturn which is in retrograde in Scorpio. Something tells me that you may be able to teach sexuality related issues, or the value of self defense around pleasure and boundary setting to an interesting group around you. What do you communicate in a way that truly helps people, which is a result of seeing the positive in your life around an issue that pained you long ago.

You are coming up on a transit where Saturn will be opposing your natal Mercury. This is an opportunity to seriously learn something. This is exactly the perfect time to enter your Seeing Life in a More Positive Light training. As a task master I believe you can focus with accuracy and honesty around casting yourself in a positive light. If at best you feel just neutral, dry plain and ordinary, no charisma, don’t worry, it was only yesterday, and that made yesterday no fun, but today is a new day and somehow today the way out is Virgo training magic, and this will work for sure. Shift and you will see.


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