Power in the 10th House Garden

A reader writes in: I have been trying to study astrology for the past 3 years and I find discrepancies between planet interpretations and my experience with life. I have gone through much in my life and I feel the Chiron placement in the 4th house of my chart is very accurate. My father most definitely is depicted for the lower half of my chart.

What I can’t seem to figure is the top half and all that I read doesn’t seem to fit either. Can the 10th house mean something else besides politics, power and career? The first two I care nothing for and as to the last my career is that of a perennial grower.

At the very bottom of all my struggles in life has been my feelings of insecurity. Shame of my very being left me emotionally stunted coloring all aspects of my life. Shame was the very essence, filter through which all my experiences were perceived.

It is only the heart that can know and is able to conceive that we are Valuable beyond measure and this truth known within dispels the lie. I would love to do something to help make known this real beauty that we have. Can you tell me what you think? —L.

My response: An image for you is that each of us is a flower and luckily you are trained to provide this delicate and important care for something as delicate as this.

I hear your sense of shame and at the same time feel your strong will to have let bygones be gone. Sometimes with Neptune on the Ascendant like you have, you may have a different impression of yourself than how other people perceive you. You seem to me to feel like a lotus, opening up to magic and wonder. Looking at your chart, I wonder are there people in your life who might be intimidated by you and think you have thorns? Only you know the answer to this. I just tell you about it, because as you move along your path you may want to check in with the people around and see what your brothers and sisters are thinking.

As a Scorpio ascendant you have infinite powers among them is the ability to shed your skin and that means your shame, too. The ruler of your chart is Pluto and it is with a stellium of planets in Virgo in the 10th house, the house about which you are curious. I am curious too! you mention you are not interested in power or politics, but the truth is somewhere in your life you must be a powerful politician.

You mention your career is growing perennials, but I wonder what do you do when the sun sets? Are you involved with a group — family, hobbies, group therapy, grassroots organizations?

With a Moon in Aquarius and your stellium in Virgo in the 10th, I would say pick your cause, like a charity or an environmental group, and become the president but always watch out for egos and help to dissipate power conflicts whenever possible. You have the chart of a leader, a heart for the underdog and you can contribute a lot to our world and our Earth. 


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