Daughter in Texas, German Parents Worry.

Dear Deirdre,
Our daughter is traveling abroad to Texas next year and we are all wondering how this will be. Please tell us what the stars have to say about the coming year for her.
Worried German Parents

My response:
Dear Worried German Parents,
Rest assured: your daughter is born with luck on her side (North Node in Sagittarius trining Midheaven). Part of what she can embrace in her lifetime is that she doesn’t have to fight as hard as she think she does (Mars in Cancer). Her life force is so strong (double Scorpio, Pluto in the 1st house) that just by breathing (Pluto conjunct Vesta in the 1st) she will always attract safety and wealth and community (Jupiter in the 11th).

Jessica has come into this world equipped to fight with the strength of a very large army (double Scorpio with Mars trining Pluto). As she goes out into the world (Mars in the 9th house) she will always continue to learn that she can channel this energy more to her advantage, with lots of sports and perhaps at some point to physically build her own home (Mars in Cancer), I mean with hammer and nails and wood. This is another kind of fighting, for one’s own roof and survival, and I believe this will be completely satisfying for your daughtetr to the inside of her core, and this most likely comes later in life.

There are many people who will be willing to work on your daughter’s team (Jupiter in the 11th), but she may have this feeling that she would rather do whatever “it” is alone (an emphasis of planets on the left side of her chart). In her life many people will ask, may I help? And she might say, “It’s okay, I can do it alone”. If Jessica ever wants to save some energy she can know that people who want to support her will usually do so in your daughter’s greatest interest, and not for their own purposes.

2008 is a transition year. Decisions made now may look different in the summer and then different again after November. It is important to be in the moment, and take each month as it comes along for what it is. It is as if your daughter will shed her skin 3 times this year, and each time with a sense of rebirth. She might feel the need to create a new look with clothing, 3 completely different looks. She may want to sell all of her clothes at a Second Hand Store, and trade in her old look for a new one, and then in a few months again. This wont be crazy; it will be helpful. This may happen often in your daughter’s life, but more this year than other years.

In March she may have the feeling that the foundation upon which her entire life is based feels like sand (Neptune conjunct the IC). To make progress walking through sand, it is best to slow down and let the weight of your body be in each footstep. It creates a more mindful way through. With the weight of her body she may feel her soul getting a kind of support from another kind of spirit (Chiron in the 9th) which provides the wisdom for the next step.

It looks as if the third week in September is a lonely time (Saturn squares Venus). If she knows this in advance, she can prepare by doing something creative alone, and not taking the lack of a social life personally. Creative work done now will be a source of self esteem later (Venus in the 2nd). She may, for example, want to start a secret (Scorpio) blog, and from this find a body of work she wants to develop (Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter). This may concur with one of the times where she is between clothing styles and nothing may seen to look good and for a week she may feel that beauty takes a lot of work or a lot of money.

By the end of September and through October there will be a positive lucky kind of a shift, there will be more of a sense of ease fitting into society ( Jupiter conjunct Moon), the collective and feeling a spiritual connection with the people around her. This will come with a sense of relief, for the previous weeks may have felt kind of strange and alone. She may be very grateful for simple heartfelt connection.

An interesting exercise before such an adventure is to write down how you imagine it will be and how she wants it to be like. It may be interesting later to compare, what were her expectations, and how did it look really?

My impression around your daughter’s big travel adventure coming up is it is chance for her to define in her life, what gives her security and where and when do her feet feel firmly on the ground. Currently her own hometown emits a kind of security for free. By removing herself from this energy source, your daughter will have the chance to find out what else besides Home give her security. Language? Neighbors? Money? Clothing? Friends? Social Status? Architecture? Kitchens? Food?

With humor, joy and unending curiosity, your daughter will have lots of stamina to look under every rock, peer through windows and step through doorways to take in all the delightful details of another culture. The people, homes, ideas and emotions she takes in from 2008 through 2009 will be lasting structures in her life.

This coming year your daughter’s greatest luck is with languages, communication and getting around in her neighborhoods (Jupiter in the 3rd).The area which may take the most work is developing a public image (Saturn in the 10th), but she can know that progress made regarding her public image and “Calling in Life” will be very real and long-lasting. Bon Voyage!


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