Fish Eyes Tolerant Tank

A reader writes in:

Hi Deirdre,
I am nervous about making a job change even though I don’t like my current job because I don’t get along with my boss. I have an interview this week where I think would be a better team for me to work with. I know the CEO (to whom I’d report) from a previous career and she and I can connect far better than my current boss. Plus, she hires people from different cultures to ensure diversity and tolerance and I admire that about her.

I’m very nervous about changing jobs. I’m afraid I’d be making a mistake. I feel supported and confident in either case, but my current boss takes a lot of my energy with games and lies.

I’m also nervous about the new position taking time away from some other ventures I’m into like building a farm with my husband, writing a book of poetry, and revisiting my creative self that I abandoned to be more “practical” about my career. But, in fact, I think the current boss wastes so much of my precious energy with his horrific management style, that I’m pretty sure I’ll do just fine.

I’m interested in any perspective you can add based on my chart.

K Pisces

My Response:
Dear K Pisces,
I imagine you have put in a lot of hard work at your soon-to-be old job and you are ready for a burst of new energy, new life and a new team, so go for it. You were born with the Sun conjunct Saturn — you have probably worked seriously and hard your whole life. If you have been feeling different lately, and I mean a little like a teenager, this out of character jolt could be due to transiting Uranus having passed over your Sun a few weeks ago. Uranus will pass your natal Saturn tomorrow; the tides have changed direction. You are free to leave the job, especially if it was a place where it was hard to be yourself and there was no where else to grow.

My advice is, take care to manage the change as humbly and gracefully as possible. Although this might feel like a final jolt, 2008 is a transition year, so keep all the bridges in tact, as your old job may still be effecting you in some way. The next couple of weeks look filled with important talks, negotiations and contracts, this is an important time to position your self so you receive positive recognition, which has not been easy to get for the last few years.

You mention the concerns you have around tending to your creative projects. With your work ethic, you may often found it difficult to soften rigid disciplines. The creative area in your chart, the 5th house, is marked by Vesta at 0° Cancer. Tending to your farm diligently energizes your inner hearth and keeps you safe and nurtured, so you are right, remember your personal commitments when you are negotiating professional contracts.

This is going to be a an exciting year as you break out of old patters and reinvent new traditions. But do not lose yourself in wild abandon. Remember this is a transition year, a bit like puberty, some days you will be completely independent and others you may feel locked into old dependent patterns. Being patient with yourself, will help balancing your work, your team, your farm and your husband. Balance and awareness can support you during a new life phase, the beginnings of real and exciting progress.


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