The Saturn – Uranus Opposition

A reader writes in:

I just wanted to ask you about the Saturn – Uranus opposition happening for me in 2009.
Maybe you could take a look. It seems pretty significant.
Thanks, Emma

My response:
Dear Emma,
I see what you mean about this opposition and how it is moving toward alignment with your modern chart ruler, Pluto, which is also conjunct your natal Moon at 28° Virgo in the 10th house.

I think this opposition carries the properties of a prism. I imagine the light source as Saturn and the opposition will reveal a spectrum. In your case the Saturn light source will begin in the 10th house so the spectrum will radiate in your 4th house. The way I think this might feel will be you will see a wide range of options, which you have never imagined before, for the root of your existence and the base of your security.

Between November of 2008 and and July of 2010, nature will grace us with this prism effect five times. The final opposition occurs at the Aries Point. The first four oppositions will occur at 18°, 20°, 24° and 28° on the Virgo – Pisces axis and will conjunct and oppose with your natal Moon and Pluto.

The kick-off period for you personally may have been last year when Saturn made a conjunction to your Sun. you may have been shouldering a lot of responsibility, if this brings back any memories. In the fall, Saturn made a conjunction to your natal Virgo Venus and Mercury. This was also the first Saturn Square after your Saturn return. I think the fall may have been a time where thoughts were heavy, friends felt few, money became more serious and you were testing what you had put into place at your Saturn Return.

The Saturn – Uranus opposition will also be making a helpful aspect to your Ascendant Descendant axis. Beginning this spring, Uranus will trine your ascendant. This ought to lighten any serious thoughts on your mind as you may want to interact with a lively group where you feel open to learn and test new ideas regarding your identity. In the fall of 2008, Saturn will conjunct your Midheaven. This experience may look like an opportunity for leadership which could yield you long term stability by fully committing to the responsibility and taking it very seriously. When Saturn sextiles your ascendant later later in 2009, you may have the opportunity to experience a strong and sober inner self as a result of one or a few solid relationships which may spin out of the lively group. This is a support system which will you have the chance to slowly and securely build.

My advice for during the opposition alignments in 2009 and 2010 is to look for opportunities to learn about your ego and your emotional intensity. This refraction will help show you several ways to analyze the broad spectrum of feelings you have and the effect this has on you, the people around you and your life. My sense is that to be born with a natal Moon Pluto conjunction presents an issue of how to experience your authentic emotions without scaring off yourself and other people you love. I think one part of the spectrum you may find will be a new ability to tune into temperance, and this could be a real relief. With your Moon in Virgo in the 10th, you may anxiously and ambitiously be looking forward to 2009 and 2010 for the chances to keep your heart humbly open to love. I do think ultimately the spectrum revealed in your 4th house will be a new loving community with the inspiring feeling of true brothers and sisters. So you may be thankful for the chances we will have from now until 2010 forming real community where you may accept the role as a strong leader to whatever extent and intensity you wish.

A note to astrologers: In this reader response I applied my theory about the Saturn-Uranus opposition, acting like a prism and refracting a spectrum, like a rainbow, from the Saturn in Virgo house into the Uranus in Pisces house. I think this will be a helpful tool for us in our own charts and for our clients to minimize fears and manifest the highest best good and raise the vibration in our cosmos.


One thought on “The Saturn – Uranus Opposition

  1. Deirdre Hi I Just wanted to start by saying a huge thanks for taking the time to, go over my chart and, address my question.You managed to cover all my anxieties at once really. I’m so happy that you addressed it in a sensitive manner. Other people I have spoken to made this transit sound a horror story. Amazingly the fourth house in my case is represented by my father, this should be an interesting time. I am currently trying to work alongside Saturn. however, I recognise that I need to establish the ground work first. So, I have made some decisions. I have decided to volunteer with an organization I admire a couple of days per week. I start training in April &, return to study in September to complete a diploma in Hypnotherapy and counselling. Maybe this is the responsibility you spoke of. I would also like to start up a help group alongside as well. I will take this seriously too if i can make it happen. If it’s ok, I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Thanks again Emma

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