Vesta & Rites of Spring

Dear Deirdre,
Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading about charts! Now here is what I’m curious about:

I am wondering if there is any special thing I can be aware of, considering that Venus and Mars were both in Aries at the time of my birth. My sun sign is Pisces and over the past year and a bit, I’ve have formed four new friendships with Aries men. Three of these friendships have a really exciting quality about them, and especially two have a child-like innocence and magical feeling. And one of them, is extremely volatile. It’s driving me slightly mad, but of course, everything’s good I’m learning a lot in the process and feeling an intense drive to grow and grow and grow. So I wondered, realizing yesterday upon looking at my birth chart, that I had Venus and Mars in Aries, if you had any advice on how I can make the best of this volatility. I don’t want a crazy emotional rollercoaster or drama. I want to find peace within the fire….does this make sense?

Thanks so much, I hope all is well with you. 🙂

P.S. I feel a little scared to send this and I also feel sort of embarrassed that I’m scared. Anyway, love to you. e 🙂


Dear e,
You wrote that you want to make the best of “this volatility” and find peace in the fire. I recommend two things and then I will tell you why.

1. Write a fire safety manual. Begin with some basic rules you learned as a kid. One rule that comes to my mind is: Never leave fire unattended. Collect old fire safety manuals at yard sales or in libraries; read about fire safety on the net. Create an ultimate compendium on fire safety and see the parallels in keeping oneself safe. I believe your continuing confidence in your self and your sexuality will roar. You might even want to join the volunteer department.

2. Learn about Vesta in mythology and astrology. If there are aspects to the myth which you feel are anachronistic then update the myth to correspond with what is happening in your life. Create a Vesta character in your mind. What does a modern chic and sexy Vesta wear? What does she look like? Go shopping with Vesta in mind.

You already know you have both Mars and Venus in Aries and you have also connected the dots regarding the appearance of Aries men in your life. What is also fascinating is that asteroid Vesta is closer conjunct to your natal Mars than Venus is. Vesta is at 5° Aries; Mars is at 6° and Venus is at 13°. Now that’s fire!

We can think of Vesta as goddess of fire, protectress of the inexhaustible in sexual, creative, and divine energy. It is important to remember that the inexhaustible is a result of discipline and intention. Even when Vesta sleeps, there is the image of darkness inside of a stove and the little blue pilot flame which is there if you look.

Transiting Vesta is going to ingress Aries soon, on April 19 and stay in Aries until June 30. This is something we will ALL feel if we choose to tune into it. I think having Vesta in Aries will make the rites of spring very enjoyable for many people and animals. There are some dates coming up specifically for you. Take note and and bring your awareness to these days because I think you will get a good sense of what Vesta energy is. The first of May is going to be your Vesta return. If it is warm enough and weather permits and if it is at all possible, I would have a bonfire outside. (And remember Smokey The Bear, Only you can prevent forest fires; remember your fire safety manual) If this is not possible then what about an indoor fireplace and if that is not possible, then there are always candles, and I bet you love candles.

A Vesta return means that transiting Vesta will be back at the place it was when you were born which is 5° Aries, it’s like a birthday for your Vesta. Ask her if she wants a hearth as a present. The last time you had a Vesta return was January 2005. I generated a list of some past and future Vesta returns so that you get a sense of how fast Vesta orbits and so you can look back and see what comes to mind around these times in your life. When you have a Vesta return, this also means that Vesta conjuncts your Mars the next day. Mars is initiating, direct and go-getting energy. This is when the fire roars. This is why I say bon fire and fire safety in the same breath.

Another interesting day for you could be May 18, when transiting Vesta will be conjunct your natal Venus. Notice energy around beauty, art, money, creativity and sexuality on this day. I speak of these days not as predictions or fortune telling, but more as energetic points in time for you to focus your awareness, as I believe this is the most empowering way to work with transits.

Whether you decide to read about Vesta and have a conceptual experience, or redesign your living space as a modern day Temple of Vesta, I think you may find a lot of inspiration for you, your three Aries men, and the discipline of your future consciousness as goddess and protectress of the inexhaustibly divine.


2 thoughts on “Vesta & Rites of Spring

  1. Dear Deirdre,Thank you so much for your response. It made my day so full of renewed hope. I went to the library and did some research on fire. I got out an amazing book called ‘Northern Survival’ and copied the section called ‘Fire Making’. It made so much sense and I used one of its ideas tonight at a party. I was scared to go to the party because of one of those aries men in my last question, scared to face jealousy. But I used my fire techniques and there was such a buoyant peace inside of me. Here’s the quote that helped:”Don’t build your fires too large. Small fires require less fuel and are easier to control; and their heat can be concentrated. In cold weather small fires arranged in a circle around an individual are much more effective than one large fire”That’s what I used and I connected with so many people, truly and concentrated. I’m still doing research on Vesta and on fire. I think I’ll have more to say soon, once I digest. Right now, I feel good and able to breathe new air. It is such a relief when things make sense again. Anyway, I think I’ll have another question very soon. Thanks again so much. e

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