Chiron as a Saffron Gate

Hi Deirdre,
Could you tell me your interpretation of Chiron in my chart?
Thank you,


Dear Céline,
The image that came to my mind when I look at your Chiron on the Ascendant is the art installation from Christo and Jeanne-Claude called “The Gates” which was installed in Central Park in 2005. Your chart has given me a new understanding of this piece of public art.

The ascendant is a gate and Chiron is something we experience over and over again. When this image of “The Gates” came to my mind I went to the web site of Christo and Jeanne-Claude to refresh my memory and show you what I am talking about.

As for my pure astrological impression first, I got the image of you meeting people and their weakness or blind spot guiding you to the next step, almost like a tarot card, an oracle, or a sign at the side of the road, you read the sign and keep going until you get to the next sign. Because this is Chiron on the ascendant, it’s about beginnings, so this might happen over and over again, and each time feel like the first time, as if the meetings don’t necessarily build on each other, but they are like a connect the dots on the path of your life.

Your natal Chiron is opposed Pluto so I would imagine it’s difficult to keep power out of these situations. A suggestion is to let go of ties to any ego if that is appropriate. The involvement of Pluto as an opposition might mean that you experience the meeting as someone being more powerful than the other one. I don’t know if your experience of one-to-one encounters is sometimes very scary, or full of power games, but it may be this way.

If you are interested how it is from the person talking to you’s point of view, I think it is hard for them to concentrate. Because if they experience you as Chiron, that in my opinion feels like a big blast of white light, so they might go into another space. My advice is when you want to have contact, like really contact, gently look people in the eyes, if you can realize they think you have all the power and if you can stay in your self, try not to take that on. If you find you have to repeat simple details and you just cant understand why they are not concentrating, be patient, because I think when there is true contact going on there might be that blast of white light. They might say “Could you please tell me where the Post Office is?” which sounds harmless but maybe they have the application for the job of their life in their hands and they are panicking to get to the Post Office. You say “Just past Radio Shack take a right and turn left at the Dunkin’ Donuts”. If you notice they are not moving, I think they are having an experience, so repeat the directions until you notice they have registered the information.

Having Chiron on the Ascendant opposing Pluto on the Descendant may sometimes make being with people very exhausting, so you might need to recharge. I look at Jupiter on your ascendant and I think of comedy. Can you imagine being a stand-up comic at a comedy club? developing a script and doing that at night as a whole diversion, as comic relief as a hobby? Or maybe just going to a comedy club is enough, if not then renting a comedy DVD or enjoying political satire. I think this laughing may help recharge your battery. Because of the way Jupiter and Chiron straddle your ascendant, I think you may want to separate comedy from whatever the Chiron thing is you do, as integrating the two without being aware and very careful may be painful in the relational exchange and hard to control without you knowing why. That would be the case if someone is accused of not being able to take a joke, or if the humor is deemed “inappropriate”.

As for the art installation, “The Gates”, especially when I look at the aerial view, I feel like this is a life path, each gate is like a person you meet and is the gateway to the next field of awareness. From a distance the series of meetings blends into an orange line, like a life line.

Here is a quote from the website on this project: “For those who walked through The Gates, following the walkways, the saffron-colored fabric was a golden ceiling creating warm shadows. When seen from the buildings surrounding Central Park, The Gates seemed like a golden river appearing and disappearing through the bare branches of the trees and highlighting the shape of the meandering footpaths.”

I see Chiron as saffron and the warm shadows as Pluto. I see the appearing and the disappearing as the experience of feeling seen or feeling misunderstood in relational exchange. Maybe contemplating this installation can be interesting for you and help you bring awareness to each gate you walk through everyday in your life.

Enjoy the journey,

photos above by Wolfgang Volz


4 thoughts on “Chiron as a Saffron Gate

  1. I have Chiron in Pisces in opposition to Pluto and square my ascendant,it just came to me that your post explains perfectly a dream I had about this. I hadn´t made the connection, I think I might understand this a bit better now, thank you.Love your art, all those colors!

  2. Hello Deirdre,Thank you for your interpretation! I’m still letting this info settle in. You’ll find it appropriate that I am a CHIROpractor, practicing 23 years now. I feel that I am a “born chiropractor” and astrologically it’s befitting, to say the least. I’m not sure there was a choice… (ha ha). I am inspired by your imagery of The Gates when referring to Chiron on the Ascendant. That saffron color heals just looking at it. Phenomonal, thank you, thank you! And when you say that Chiron is a gate and you see me meeting people and their weakness or blind spot … I feel this refers to the patients that I meet one after the other presenting their weakness or blind spot. It’s interesting that you say “blind spot” because so many patients come in so unaware of their bodies and what they choose to fill their life with. It’s as if they have blinders on. In addition, I find that by doing my muscle work and spinal adjustments that I learn a lot about people even before we verbally communicate. I pick up a lot with my hands, they are instruments in their own right… not only in a physical way (structural mal-alignment) but in an energy way too. Most patients discuss what seems to be their whole lives with me and I find it fascinating that most are revealing,… like they are happy to let go of it all. I’ve always believed that a ‘no judgement’ attitude comes across to other people energetically and they pick up on that. (I’m sure the Dr.-patient confidentiality helps too). So they feel safe in finding words to what they feel and spill it all in the office. Then, I point out the connection between what is emotionally bothering them and their physical weakness. Many times, if not a very good majority, it’s a package deal. Then there is the “A-Ha” moment. Most still are hesitant to admit to the mind-body connection! Baffles me, but it is what I witness. So all of this is definitely, as you say, a connect the dots event. Chiron opposed Pluto … where the power element comes in. I try to be very aware of this… as I abhor ill-conceived power and I don’t want anyone giving me more power than anyone else. We’re all on the same playing field in my book. I don’t introduce myself as Dr. Löwenherz, I introduce myself as Céline. Titles have no place in healing, it represents separation. Experience is what people need to believe in to feel comfortable to heal, in my opinion. Occasionally I get hung up on being overwhelmed with one on one encounters. I’ve learned to identify that I feel that way and let it go as soon as I can. (the overwhelming I believe stems back a ways…childhood origin). Sometimes my smiling and speaking (I have a gentle voice) seems to help others put down their guard. Rarely does this happen in the office( because people can feel the office energy and be good with it straight up), it happens outside the office space that I see people kind of, I guess, de-stabilized is the best word I can use right now, by my presence. It’s as if they see me and for a brief moment are stunned. (If they really knew me they would chuckle.) This is what I need to think on and pay attention to. I know what you mean by the blast of white light… that was more in my 20’s and 30’s… far as the Chiron experience. I was more interested in getting my truth across without regard for how it was being offered. 46 yrs old now and I know that gentility from the start is a much more appealing approach. People can actually allow the words to sink in. It’s about allowing them to be ‘present.’ I am exhausted after being with people, it’s true. A good nap heals that for me. Sense of Humor is also healing for me… one of the things I find attractive in other people. You’re right… comic relief helps me to keep things in perspective. It removes the weight of the world from my shoulders. What are the classical interpretations of Chiron? When I sent you this request I was coming from a place of running on empty……….ah, the long standing pattern of running on empty. And when that happens to me, I get so angry with me! I know better and continue to do it. I want to strip away the layers and watch the road signs of life, and ofcourse, enjoy the view along the way! 🙂 I think my dilemma is what I do as a career is so much a part of who I am that I’m drawn to it completely naturally with great results and I just want to keep giving. I did do a crash and burn last month and when I came up from that I said I am ready to disappoint others because I can’t do this again, I just can’t. I’m feeling wonderful things with your last paragraph. In there is the message, and I thank you. It is an interesting journey. You are very kind with your insight and knowledge. I am grateful for your sharing this with me, Deirdre. Thank you for all the time you put into this. Sending Dandelion Fuzziesand Pink Dogwood Blossoms to you!Céline

  3. Dear Céline,That’s fascinating that you are a CHIROpractor. What came first: Choosing your profession or knowing that Chiron was on your ascendant.The traditional story behind Chiron is that they are animal from the waist down and human from the waist up. It may mean you are a very fast runner and can do “superhuman” things with your body. The centaur, Chiron, got into healing because he had a wound on his leg that just would not heal. It is often this background which makes “Chiron workers” so suited for healing, because there is deep compassion, the ability to tune into someone’s problem and take it seriously, and it may be easier to heal others rather than ourselves. Sometimes Chiron types have the greatest success with self healing when we imagine ourselves as our own clients, ultimately our most important long term client through whom we achieve success. So us Chiron types have for this reason different mindsets than non-Chiron types. Also I have a friend with Chiron in the first house and she says she has a very different relationship to the top and lower halves of her body.I wonder if this makes sense to you. My feeling is that you have Jupiter so close to your ascendant and so close to your Chiron, that you benefit from a great jolliness and an accessible sincere optimistic outlook. Jupiter combines very well with Chiron, they are very compatible energies and strengthen each others talents. The Chiron would make you much more careful than the almost slap-happy, care to the wind, sometimes reckless Jupiter so acutely placed. This helps you see situation as the glass being half full, and the Chiron part is you honing in on the details. Also your clients, because of the Jupiter may experience you as a great teacher, and can concentrate on your Jupiter storytelling talents. The Jupiter makes your natal Chiron less raw. Does this resonate with you?Thanks for the fuzzies,Deirdre

  4. Good Day, Deirdre~I chose my profession at 16 years of age … long before I knew anything about astrology. You have a very good idea when you say to treat myself as one of my patients. I need to put this into practice daily to break the pattern. I haven’t thought of my physical body in top and lower halves, but that’s an interesting point. I’ll pay attention to that too and see if I learn something. My initial response to this is when I’m “on,” all of me is on and open and giving and receiving. When I’m “off,” all of me is off, mouth included… meaning I don’t even want to talk. This is when I’ve reached the point of exhaustion and to talk is much too much energy. May be because I talk/think/feel so much at work that it’s a system shut down. But anyway, I’ll pay attention to the upper/lower halves and see if there’s something here I haven’t seen before. The Chiron and Jupiter placement: yes, it does make sense. I think my Chiron is what is making me be a capable healer that likes to dig in a bit without offending people. I am careful to not step on toes but truth seeking is necessary for me when trying to help others to heal themselves or at least get out of their own way. Myself included. However, at the end of the day, it’s the optimistic, positive individual that has a hearty laugh that sets my spirit as ease. It is balm for me. I love silliness just for sake of being silly. That’s all I need to let go of the day. I also find joy in children’s laughter… the little ones that are still in their little world and haven’t quite been affected by this world. When their eyes are happy and smiling and their laugh feels so true, it restores my faith that they still have that true essence, that sacred happiness within them. And because they are fresh from The Heavens they still have it and show us! Kind of got off track there… but I thought it was important because it does make me feel like we all came with this stuff we need to live this plane out as genuinely as we can. Children can be our teachers if we would only stop and enjoy them. (And get off that darn cell phone and pay attention to our children). I’m sorry I missed The Gates in NYC a couple years ago!!! Your graphics and color play are healing, Deirdre. Colors heal me and this is so wonderful what you have done. Thank you again. Another gorgeous spring day here… time to plant some herbs this morning. I hope that you have a beautiful day through and through. Thankfully yours,Céline

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