Looking for Partnership the Saturn Way

Hi, Deirdre-
I’m single, and it may be that I’ll have to finish writing my memoir before I can move forward in relationship (I hope not!). I watch my heart open hopefully and then get discouraged and close; I watch how judgmental I can be with men. I’m wondering if my chart sheds any light on that part of my life.

Dear Catherine,
My recommendation for you is to apply as much discipline to partnership now as you do to your memoir. Alittle bit like if you wanted a flat stomach and if you just did one sit up you could look in the mirror and give up hope. When sit-ups are done daily, the stomach is flatter, this is the kind of discipline I mean.

For example is there a chair in your apartment for another person to sit? Is there room in a closet for a man to hang a suit? Do you have block of time during the day to devote to someone? Do you have enough dishes for two people at least? Would you be willing to share all of your financial information with someone? I would suggest for a half hour a day shifting from writing your memoir, to writing to your partner — describing him, seeing him, tasting him and touching him.

I am describing having Capricorn on the 7th house cusp, with a postively aspected Saturn in the 8th. I think, because of Saturn, daily practice is key, and the nice part is, the older you get the better you will always get at this.



3 thoughts on “Looking for Partnership the Saturn Way

  1. Hi, Deirdre-I’d never thought much about having Capricorn on my 7th house cusp — but that must mean I’m very practical when it comes to relationships, I’d imagine. And Saturn also seems to be a lot about structure and work — or practice! It seems almost anti-romantic. I also have Mars conjunct Vesta in the fifth house, which maybe suggests a clash of masculine passion and virginal restraint, and Pallas sitting atop Venus (a head/heart conflict) — both aspects would lessen as my chart progresses, I suppose. All of which suggests, as you say, practice. Does the fact that Saturn is retrograde have any play in this situation?Catherine

  2. I think of a retrograde Saturn as the possiblity of feeling like your father wasn’t there for you. It can be that there was more disciplining than snuggling with Dad.Having the ruler of your 7th retrograde, it can create a strong karmic bond with you and partners, and when you meet you may feel you have met before.Your noticing about how the asteroid goddesses conjunct your Venus and Mars is interesting to me and I think can be fun for your next partner too, to engage in a kind of flirty boxing way. He will respect you! You will make him tired! I can imagine someone who has just been through a couple years of therapy and through some lovely, experimental, heart-opening workshops would be open for lively partnering with you. You have a lot to offer someone, you do!

  3. Yes, that’s the guy I’m looking for! My dad was definitely distant — that’s one of the things I’m writing about. And the one serious, long-term relationship I’ve had certainly had that karmic feeling. Thanks for all your insights, Deirdre. They’re spot on!Catherine

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