House Hunting

A reader writes in: I am 20 to 30 degree Sagittarius rising man, (I don’t know the precise time of my birth) does it mean that my first house starts from 20th degree Sagittarius up to 20th degree of Capricorn? or I should assume only 30 degrees of Sagittarius as my first house and Capricorn as my second house? Like this, Pluto is in my which house, 1st or 2nd? Please reply. RR

My Response: Dear RR There is a house system called Equal House and in this system, if you had 20 degrees on your ascendant, then you would also have 20 degrees, but in Capricorn, on your second house cusp. Astrologers use different house systems. Eventually after looking at many charts, some house systems tell the stories better than others. Without knowing what time you were born it’s not easy to pinpoint how many degrees of Sagittarius are in your first house. Just from this question, to me you feel like Pluto in the first house, because I feel a determination to solve the mystery. The illustration above shows you my feeling of house systems. They are fluid and stretchy. Some houses sometimes have a few degrees, and other houses other times have many, many degrees. It all depends on where on the earth you were born and at what time of day to see at what angle the zodiac was wrapping around us. What sign do you think is on the cusp of your second? Does it feel like Capricorn? That could mean you enjoy the discipline of good old fashioned financial planning, and you might keep things pretty well organized, compartmentalized and traditional.Without an exact birth time, you could also work with an astrologer to rectify your chart and this may be interesting for you. Thanks for writing, Deirdre P.S. The illustrations below convey my feeling of imagining house systems — reflections on technicalities in house constructions.


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