What’s Up This Weekend: (F)unconditional Love, A Practice

Friday, June 6: Moon is in Cancer; Venus sextiles Mars.
A soft kind of intimacy has been brewing and bubbling over the last day. Invite a friend to dinner either at your home, a very familiar restaurant, or grill and have a cook-out. When Moon goes into Leo at midnight in Europe (6pm in New York) the atmosphere revs up playfully. If you are with friends there may be some let’s go dancing initiating. If you are alone you may want to work on a creative project. Also, what about throwing a party on Wednesday the 18th, here is why:

Saturday, June 7: Moon is in Leo all day. Mercury conjuncts Sun and Venus.
Think about the Full Moon coming up on June 18. This is a good one for a get-together, like a wild party with all your friends from every continent because this will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius — not this Wednesday, but next Wednesday. Use today’s creative energies to make invitations; send electronically. In the retrograde of Gemini Mercury, surprise yourself with a poem or text of sorts. Mercury connects with Venus and Sun later in the day. Drink a lot of water. Talk a lot. Write a love letter. Continue a love story. Connect friends with ideas, telephones, text messages, being funny, sweet, flirty, interesting and abstract. Whether going to a street festival or to the library with brothers and sisters or sitting in your back yard watching the neighbors wash their cars while you pretend to read, go with the fun, flow with the spirit.

Sunday, June 8: Moon is in Leo. Sun is conjunct AND parallel Venus toward midnight EST.
Who do you love? Your niece? nephew? brother? sister? yourself? your neighbor? your husband? your wife? your lover? a baby? The word from on high is design the day around people you love and who love you unconditionally. This is different from people you are trying to get to love you. Stay clear of worries; forget those lovers who have no time for whatever reason. No worries! There is a clear path to love — all you have to do is walk the path. This is a day to love and enjoy! If by chance, you are not in the mood to be with people, then make the beautiful art idea which has been on your mind for a while or go to a performance or dance. Use color, adjectives and other special effects on the tip of your palette. This is a day to feel your heart open enjoying life and love.


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