Weekend with a Vibe

Friday, June 13:
Moon in Scorpio 10:53 pm in Europe, 4:53 pm EST; Venus trines Neptune.
The past couple of days, maybe you have felt it’s been easy to talk to people, connecting with stories and ideas. This has been a grand trine in air with Venus and Sun traveling close together. You might want to spend time with the people you have been connecting with over the last few days to share more around something deeper going on in your life. While Venus trines Neptune, get out your camera and make a movie or take pictures. The results will be quite poignant.

Saturday, June 14:

Moon is in Scorpio all day. Pluto goes back into Sagittarius.
We are still building toward the Full Moon this coming Wednesday and don’t forget it. Pluto and the Moon are surely moving toward each other while the Moon is in Scorpio. You will get to the heart of the matter. We all have very deep insights and it is important to use them to protect people we love. Stinging people or embarrassing them is a cheap trick, anyone can do that. With awareness we can steer the vibe toward a more gentle and very, very true and safe kind of love.

Sunday, June 15:
Moon still in Scorpio. Sun trines Neptune.
When the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Scorpio, you can be at the beach on a sunny day reading a dark and steamy book and be in two worlds at the same time. You can also be in a conversation with your brother and get caught in a thunderstorm. Get inspired by the range life has to offer, the relief of being light and the necessity of going dark at the turn of a dime. If you are a writer, write all the sex scenes of your next novel today as an outline for the plot.


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