Pluto in Capricorn, Non-Negotiating Confidence

Hi Deirdre
I’m a painter and illustrator, have been reasonably successful but haven’t worked professionally for nine years or so, due to the birth of my daughter and health concerns. I’ve often had a strong feeling that I have something unique and powerful, workwise, to present to the world, but am plagued with self-doubt and often don’t know what to do or where to start, or if I’m completely misguided. I understand I have a Finger of Fate aspect in my birth chart involving the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Also a Grand Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. Can you shed any light on this for me, please?
Elle from Galway


Dear Elle,

Don’t worry, you can be plagued with self doubt now, but you will change a lot in the next few years, and there is no way that self doubt will stay a part of you. Pluto is about to pass over your Sun. I think self doubt will not interest you anymore and even if you will still be full of self doubt, you won’t notice it or play it out, so it will be like a tree in the forest that no one hears.

My impression is your path is about color, discovery, knowledge, partnership, socializing and community. The area to work on may have to do with what you own with other people and how you communicate about that.

I think the public may have the impression that you work with a partner together (Mars in Libra at the Midheaven). It may be that this partnership is the source of social life for an art community (Mars trining Moon in Gemini). Being out and social in the world kicks up a lot of material for conversation and for group work (Uranus and Pluto in the 9th). It seems that being a part of this collective may be the ticket out of the plagues with insecurity because you may be gravitating toward a powerful leadership position, powerful within the cultural community regarding certain knowledge (Pluto will be passing over your natal Sun, and your natal Pluto is in the 9th house conjunct Uranus). It will be known to you and others that you are the boss and the most capable (Sun in Capricorn with transiting Pluto conjunct). You may develop or be involved in a new body of knowledge which involves the images you make. (Venus in Capricorn. Saturn the dispositor is in the 3rd conjunct Chiron opposing Uranus and Pluto) Your task may be to claim your knowledge (Pluto in the 9th), to copyright it, own it and stand by it like a hawk. The power involved in this process will be awakened from your bone marrow (as a Capricorn, there is power in your skeleton), so what you need is already in place.

In terms of the Finger of God (the yod) you asked about, you not only have one, you have three (which I highlighted), but the one you asked about with Sun at the opposing midpoint of your natal Moon-Jupiter sextile, this one is the most activated in the moment, because of the Pluto transit. My impression of these yods is they could account for some staggering ryhthms in your life which other people find freaky and you feel are normal. My feeling about yods is they feel like bolts out of the blue, sudden moves, and flashes of insight. You have a series of three of these yods, setting each other off all the time, like a special kind of electrical system. I think keeping a journal, could help you ground the electrical system and help you see some patterns in events in your life which no one else seems to have.

The next years look very eventful — fulfilling, social and transforming.
My best to you on your Journey,


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