Happy Northern Solstice — Glad Midsommar

Friday, June 20:

Sun opposed Pluto, Northern Solstice, Moon in Capricorn,
If there is any message at all today it’s cast your ego aside and hug someone because you have a lot of love to give. Hug your relative who is in the hospital, or hug a baby who wont stop crying. Choosing the high road is sometimes not the most glamorous road in the moment. Today is the Solstice and its opposed by Pluto. Beware of the bully in you, protect children from any kind of ridiculous, power hungry dominance. Use the cosmic powers today look at your life from a completely different point of view. Re-design your house from roof to foundation. Notice manipulative versus loving energy. Soften your heart and remember: the root of all power games is fear.

Saturday, June 21:

Venus sextile Saturn, Moon in Aquarius, Mars opposed Neptune
With a moon in Aquarius today, energy flows ideally among three or more groups. Ideas fine tune in the collective. Invite old friends over. A few friends may start to feel like old friends. Mars opposing Neptune can be tricky and sneaky. Moving energy with yoga, swimming laps or making love can bring the highest and happiest manifestations of these planetary forces.

Sunday, June 22:
Moon still in Aquarius. Venus conjunct Ceres in Cancer.
With Venus and Ceres conjunct in Cancer, and the world is ours to nourish. Water the plants, plant new ones, groom the dog, have a barbecue and be with family. If there was ever a day for a family or friends picnic day at the beach it is today. With Moon in Aquarius, it’s all the more fun and crazy and cohesive. If you are alone, nourish yourself with creativity, painting and gardening. Call an Aquarius and find out what they are doing. Join in. Have an inspired conversation. Find the new organic restaurant in town and go.


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