Intercepted Tunnels / Duplicity Rivers

Hello Deirdre,
Can you explain how intercepted houses and planets happen? And what is the significance? I have Chiron and south node in Pisces intercepted in the 3 house, and Pluto and north node in Virgo intercepted in the 9th.


Dear ValerB,
If you go on a trip to somewhere on the equator, you would see that the Sun rises at 6 am and sets at 6 pm β€” even in December, even in June and even always. If you go way, way up to Norway in June, the Sun almost never sets. The further you get from the equator, the more extreme is the ratio of night to day. This is the principal behind why some houses are bigger than others in the oft used Placidus House system which is the default house system on a lot of astrology sites, like for example. If you were born on the equator, you would have equal house sizes in the Placidus system. As we move north or south from the equator, the view of the houses starts to seem like it distorts, the differences in house size become greater. You were born 43 degrees north of the equator, so your chart has houses of different sizes.

This distortion creates interceptions and duplicities. In your case Pisces and Virgo, the intercepted signs, are sandwiched into your 3rd – 9th house axis. To contrast, Aries and Libra, the duplicitous signs, both appear twice β€” like two slices of bread around the 4th – 10th axis.

I often experience the intercepted houses almost like a blind spot. It’s hard to see. The intercepted areas may feel like in a tunnel like into a double cave where there is light on the other side. What is especially important about your intercepted axis, is that Chiron, Pluto and the Nodes are there. Where Chiron is in a chart can sometimes be experienced as a cave anyway. In mythology, Chiron taught medicine in a cave. Where Pluto is in our charts can show us where we can grow beyond our shadow. The nodes are the needle of the compass.

The duplicities may feel more accessible and can offer a supportive way of working through the tunnel. In your chart this would mean the 4th – 10th axis may come easier to you. Setting up a home, and living. Resonating with your life work. With Libra on the 10th, I would think a partner would play a significant roll in your life purpose, your calling.

I thought of how big rivers are often used for world trade, with big tankers and container ships. One way of leaving the river in tact and getting to the other side is to build a tunnel. This is the image I thought of for you. Enter the tunnel in the third house, exiting in the 9th. Then entering a water slide which goes from the 4th to the 10th. This can be a rhythm in your creative process.

The tunnel connects writing with publishing. If you write, I imagine it has not been the most obvious thing to do β€” you had to go into the cave of the cave of the tunnel to initiate a creative body of work. I believe, setting up a home for you as a creative hero, where you can spend time with a partner can give you much strength and support around the creative act in the tunnel.

What do you think about this?

Thanks for writing,


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