Uranus Stationary, Yeah, Right.

I am thinking about the feeling of body surfing. Not one of those smooth waves that takes you in a straight line back to your towel, I mean the most chaotic energies possible crisscrossing in every direction swirling and whisking you underwater. With those waves I found if I gave in to it all, it was a lot of fun. It also never felt normal. That’s what I imagine with Uranus stationary, which is happening now.

Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception, Neptune is still basically opposing Mars, and today’s Moon is in Aries is about the equivalent of a hydro-electric plant using water to make energy conducting the art of chaos. Any conflicts with the unpredictable and dominating? Do anything but what you normally do: slither along the edges if you normally pummel the boss, directly yield (but with gusto) to the epicenter if your tact normally has to do with invisibility. The beauty in this is we do have options, and we can decide them fast and spontaneously.


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