Sun conjunct Ceres; Vesta trine Pluto

Saturday, June 28:

Sun conjunct Ceres, Moon in Taurus,
There is a certain rhythm and mood when a child is with one parent while the other parent is away. Sometimes this is worlds apart. When Sun conjunct Ceres, it is as if someome comes home from a long kind of trip and everyone feels authoritative cross currents at meal time or in the kitchen. While disclosing the states of our wellbeing, we can ask ourselves if we place our own needs on others we claim to be nourishing. We are all trying to fit in somehow and still maintain some authority. Today we can remember with both awareness and self compassion how deep is the need and wish to be loved.

Sunday, June 29:

Moon still in Taurus, Vesta trine Pluto
While Vesta in Aries trines Pluto in Sagittarius at 29 degrees, we have a chance to tear into any project we have been avoiding. We all know which ones these are, whether it’s calling the therapist, confronting someone with uncomfortable information or tending to paperwork long overdue, we all know what we want to work on and havent. This is a day where we can say to ourselves “Just do it.” If the side effect of procrastinating has beenlack of intimacy and keeping it arm’s length from our soul, we may now fathom ourselves emotionally available and psychically safe.


2 thoughts on “Sun conjunct Ceres; Vesta trine Pluto

  1. Absolutely true! I have been slowly attacking the clean up and remodeling of my old casita for the new tenants moving in today and waited until yesterday into this a.m. to complete 99.1% of the work. I need to go back and do two more things…luckily they are friends of ours. It has been quite the ordeal and my body aches from painting, cleaning, moving furnishings, and all the tedious duties that moving out requires. Thank goodness the hard part is past me now. As I say this I wonder and hope I am correct.Thanks D.

  2. Oh and as relates to Ceres energy on Saturday…as I left work on Friday I found a stray 3 month old puppy on the sidewalk covered in ticks and so cute and underfed. I took her home, cleaned, fed and pampered her with hugs and took her to be adopted Saturday afternoon. Though I would have loved to keep her I have two dogs already and as she is a pup she will be picked up right quick. I cannot stand when animals are treated so horribly…so much is put into their creation and to be treated a few weeks later to sleeping in dirt on the side of a road with a parasitic infestation is disgusting. What were these people thinking when they took her in?? I’m far from perfect, but she is pretty freakin’ perfect. I hope someone else sees it soon too.Best.

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