Chiron, A Master Key

Dear Deirdre,
I faced these days a medical problem and I was afraid a lot. I started omeopathy and I feel already better. I would like to know about my Chiron the natal aspects and the transits.
thank you thank you.
Gia from Greece


Dear Gia,
I am happy to hear you are feeling better.
In your chart Chiron is in Pisces in the 8th house conjunct the South Node opposed Pluto. I get the impression that you came into this life with a natural and gentle understanding of medicine and healing. This is just one of the many ways you may be extremely sensitive to the world you live in. It may come so easily to you, you may think every one is like this, but I don’t think so .

This year your intuition may be working differently for you than other years. Normally you can calculate the mood, and the situation, very quickly to your advantage.

This year I think your intuition is working at a slower speed, suggesting it may be necessary to slow your life down so you can be in sync with your intuition. You may even find yourself socializing with conservative people or people you have known a long time. You may have thought your life was on the right track a few years ago, but there are a lot of signs that now is the time to rearrange as much as possible and try not to cling to the past. Something new is coming in. By the end of the year, Uranus will finally be past your Sun, and Saturn will be way past your North Node. You may start to feel more calm and brave about making big decisions.

You mentioned you were not feeling well. Sometimes what we describe as health problems are really deep changes going on in our cells, helping us to change our bodies and our world. As well, 2008 is a transition year for many of us because of Pluto’s entry into a new sign. Given all these indicators of change, I believe your greatest strength is your heart full of love and your inspired mind with ideas. I think it is a very good idea to have a book you write in every day, what you are thinking and what you are dreaming. Notice the very smallest changes you want to make, and help the changes happen everyday. If you like motivation, you may find this with some music, (Chiron in Pisces conjunct South Node), as this can help you tune into your natural and ancient wisdom

Nice to hear from you,


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