Weekend in New Territory

Thursday, July 3:

New Moon in Cancer, Venus in Cancer opposed Jupiter, Mercury trine Chiron
For the next two weeks we are building the structures of our dreams, so dream pretty, big and expansive. This weekend, those who are normally chintzy with themselves may pull out the stops today and tomorrow. For those who have a hard time saying no, hang out with a buddy who supports you to stay safe.

Friday, July 4:

Moon in Leo 9:15am London, Pallas in Taurus trines Jupiter in Capricorn
Happy Birthday USA from Europe. People here go to work and school as normal, so we’ll be thinking of you at your celebrations. With a Moon in Leo festivities can surely be fun. There is another take on get-togethers which is to have a common vision. If you are in an experimental community and have been struggling to manifest the vision, you may feel movement today, so take it. Listening to those younger than us may help us see concrete sustaining images which support us.

Saturday, July 5:

Mercury square Uranus, Moon still in Leo
The weekend is not over, so pace yourself, because you may be partied out. Some people may be sensitive to being taken over by a show-offy leader. Careful with words as we could spit back in vengance. Have a surprising talk with a neighbor instead. Design a weird shaped fence to solve issues which have not been easy to solve.

Sunday, July 6:

Mercury trine Neptune, Moon in Virgo 12:04 pm London, Venus trine Uranus
When moon enters Virgo we have efficiency available to us. We may be closing the weekend house and find it comforting to put everything back in its place. You may wake up where you always do and find yourself getting ready for a big week (because we all have one). Take time today to plan what you will wear everyday this week, put all book bags, knapsacks, camp satchels and carry-ons next to the door. Make a list of what supplies need to be bought. This coming Thursday is a day of new structures. Where ever we will be on Thursday, July 10, we are at the front door of a two-year project, or a two year phase within a project. The structure is almost built but the masculine archetype has had limits clamped to his skeleton. The way through is with awareness, patience — not brute force. I do think a very strong bridge is in construction. Imagine what the bridge needs before you test it. As the final cherry on top,
surprising a friend later today.


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