Welcome Back, Íngrid Betancourt

The news of Íngrid Betancourt’s release fills the media with images of hearts reunited. This is a time of joy and celebration. We just had a New Moon closely aligned with Venus. This image above of Íngrid Betancourt kissing her daughter for the first time in six years holds the essence of Moon and Venus.

In 2002, when Íngrid Betancourt was kidnapped, Chiron had just conjuncted her midheaven and Neptune was conjunct Jupiter. She was surging with high ideals and she had a mission. She may have felt unstoppable. During her six-year captivity, Chiron conjuncted her Sun, Neptune opposed her Moon, Pluto conjuncted her Venus, Saturn conjuncted her Moon and most recently Pluto conjuncted her natal Pluto. To put it mildly, Íngrid Betancourt is a heroine.

Íngrid Betancourt is a Capricorn, with Moon in Leo, a natural leader. She was in the jungle since Pluto was at 17° Sagittarius and was nearly free in the spring when Pluto was conjunct her 0° Capricorn Mars. Pluto will go back into Capricorn in November to conjunct her Mars again and over the next few years will also conjunct her 8th house Capricorn Sun.

On the day a Columbia military operation liberated her and and 15 other hostages by helicopter, her transit was Mars conjunct Uranus.

Welcome back to your family and friends Íngrid Betancourt.
Thank you for never giving up.

photo by Ricardo Mazalan


5 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Íngrid Betancourt

  1. Hi Deirdre,Thanks for the post – In a little over a year she has Solar Arc Pluto = Saturn along with tr Pluto conj Sun, which is a bit of a concern. It seems to suggest a major change of course for her. Wonder if she’ll pursue politics in Colombia or choose to go back to France.Best,Hiroki

  2. Hello Hiroki, I wonder too. You seem to be as in to her as I am. Or I wonder if she would pull completely out of politics and spend time with her family, with such a strong change. Yes, and she has to get her health back, too.We will be watching that is for sureDeirdre

  3. Hi Deirdre, The article I read this morning says:’some analysts believe that Betancourt, rather than going for all the glory, could end up as a foreign minister or as a crusader to free the hundreds of hostages still in the hands of the FARC.”To speak of the presidency right now sounds like something very distant to me,” Betancourt said last week. “Only God knows.”‘So we’ll see. You prompted me to look at the kidnapping/rescue timing measurements – I invite you to take a look:http://holisticastrologer.blogspot.com/2008/07/ingrid-betancourt-astrological-timing.htmlKind regards,Hiroki

  4. Hi Deirdre,Thank you for this post. I cannot imagine what this woman had to go through for years on end, but I am so glad things ended well for her.I was wondering where you found her birth time? It must not have been easy.Thank you,Nina

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