The Last Few days of Sun in Cancer

My son and I are back in America for the first time in a year and we flew right into the full Capricorn moon. My aunt passed away on the day we landed, so the mood is like that, Saturn is squaring my Moon. Those who are here, well, we are treasuring each other. There have been layers of family time, of quiet time with my son, of normal time, even seeing the really scarey Batman movie with my grown up youngest brother. There has even been some design time too as Elsa’s site is coming alive with merchandise. Now I look forward to connecting with clients.

Moon enters Pisces Sunday night at 9:08 on the east coast and shortly after opposes the Mars Saturn conjunction. It’s a good time to eat broccoli and listen to classical music and spend the night evening organizing the home in a way that makes you feel secure. The social alternative is watching a movie with people who wont flip out on you.

On Tuesday, Sun will enter Leo and Wednesday Moon will enter Aries — now that’s energy, enthusiasm and ideas. You’ll be glad you folded all your socks et al. on Sunday.


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