Astrology and Pregnancy

A reader writes in asking about pregnancy and astrology. She writes:
I can’t help looking at things astrologically. I’ve been applying astrology more and more to my life and like seeing how things play out. I’ve read that you should look to Ceres aspects for this but I am not sure if this is a the best rule of thumb? Also, would you use a progressed chart or natal chart with transits? I have been looking at Ceres, Moon, Jupiter and Venus aspects for likelihood so far but am a bit dumbfounded. Thanks, Curious


Dear Curious,
I have read that when a woman wants to get pregnant, it is good to look at the relationship between natal sun and moon. For example it could be a closing square, which is 270° apart. It is said, that this 270 degrees difference between Sun and Moon may provide a window for fertility. So that means now that Sun is at the end of Cancer, 270 degrees would be when moon is at the end of Aries. Thus, fertility windows happen monthly. If you put your data in, this aspect is listed in the daily horoscope for free. They describe this aspect as, “Same lunar phase as natal”.Your Sun and Moon aspect is a closing sextile, roughly 300° apart, so this is the aspect which will highlight for you on the day once a month when you have the “Same lunar phase as natal”.

I associate Ceres with mothering after the kid is there. Like Ceres in Capricorn takes mothering like it’s a career or calling. Ceres in Leo would be a playful mom, etc. Ceres might also show how you deal with feeding your kid, yourself and your family. Your Ceres is in Virgo, so I think creating whole and healthy meals is a special talent of yours. Pallas can show how you will defend your baby. Pallas in Capricorn is like a military guard in uniform, for example. Your Pallas is in the 6th in Leo, so I can imagine it is nice to make play a regular part of everyday.

You can look at Moon to see how you will relate to other Moms like at PTA and other Moms groups. Your Moon is at the root of your chart conjunct the IC in Gemini. You may like to have groups over to your house to discuss and share whats on your mind.

Jupiter aspects to the Ascendant may indicate a body which is expanding, like pregnancy. I associate pregnancy with the first house, because it is so much about the body. Mars-Jupiter transits like Jupiter conjunct Mars or Mars sextile Jupiter or any combo may show lots of energy for the birth.

Your Venus is in Gemini in the 4th House. I think talking with friends in your kitchen may be very satisfying to you. Your Venus is being aspected so you may be working the numbers around how you will budget during this phase of your life.

See what sign is on your 5th house. What is the ruler of that sign. What is in the 5th. What is transiting. Saturn in the 5th moms are strict for example. Moon in the 5th these moms are at home being moms even if they work full time. In your chart, Cancer in on the 5th house cusp and the ruler is Moon. In the 5th house you have the South Node. I think you know how to make mothering fun for everyone.

These are my brief thoughts for now, I hope this helps.



2 thoughts on “Astrology and Pregnancy

  1. I think jupiter was sextiling my asc when I got pregnant and our edd has jupiter, chiron and neptune opposing my natal mars at the time of the birth…so I’m hoping that chiron does not mean a c-section….but we will see…Your pallas and ceres assessments are right on. I am very much like that.Thank you so very much!!!

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