Leo-Aquarius-Axis Eclipse

5   I made this diagram to get a feel for the oppositions inside of this week’s Total Eclipse. The main oppositions are of course the North and South Nodes, as well as Venus – Mercury – Sun opposing Chiron – Neptune. This could feel something like reuniting with someone we hadn’t spoken to in years — feeling ecstatic, insecure and in pain with poignancy. We may over-worry or over-analyze. I think these are signs of love; let’s try to leave it at that. There may be some issues of who is playing the father roll. There may also be growth spurts in babies, teens, pregnancies, relationships and with grandparents, too. It may feel awkward as we get to know each other in our advanced states of change; it may be unbearable to wish we hadn’t worried for so long.

With North Node and Chiron conjunct in Aquarius, it is possible now to find a sense of resolve around dull yet excruciating pains which lingered in our tribe over decades. Issues we may have thought were hopeless can take a turn now. The next time Chiron is conjunct North Node will be in 2024, when Pluto is entering Aquarius. The comfort we may find with newly defined families or close circles could well play important rolls in our lives for the course of Pluto in Capricorn. This next phase of Pluto in such a practical and hardworking sign may be about fixing everything which has been sitting broken in the basement, the attic and in storage for the last 15 to 30 years. We may be happy to sit in living rooms together repairing old radios, wheelbarrows and rollerskates with people we have loved for a long time.


5 thoughts on “Leo-Aquarius-Axis Eclipse

  1. Thank you Deirdre! I’ve been looking everywhere for a clear analysis of the upcoming Eclipse, and you have done just that! I found it extremely helpful. Cynthia

  2. Starting last Friday my whole world is crashing around me much like the tower in the tarot. What an intense time..and the eclipse will hit my sun in a few days…oh boy! I’m tired already.I love your writing and thank you for hosting such a lovely blog.Best always.

  3. Gem: stay open to the changes. It felt the same to me when the eclipses were in Pisces, it was just changes coming toward me and it was not possible to ignore. If you feel something similar, the astrology is working. Leos are highlighted right now with this total eclipse. I think as a Leo your own creativity right now can be your greatest support. Paint, draw and write your way through the eclipse; your creativity radiates like the Sun!

  4. I’m looking to buy a used drafting table to get back into drawing this next week and am thinking of going camping for my birthday weekend…so I am trying to be positive. It’s hard to stay a float and it’s just so weird. Normally I can take things in stride and this is just so personal…it’s work, my personal life and regarding frienships/alliances I thought were so solid and truthful have been dashed/cracked in a nanosecond. I’m looking at the rubble so to speak. I always believed in a truth in the universe and it’s needing to be blown away..again.Thank you Diedre. Thanks.Sorry for being dramatic…I’m a closet leo. I’ll be fine either way I land.

  5. What a great insight and so many possibilities that you have seen, I am buzzing with all of it!I am also personally involved, Neptune is exactly sqaure my radix Neptune just now, and Venus is just about conjunct my PoF, Pallas and Jupiter, so I am *hoping* that I can get a new perspective.This all across the 5th/11th squaring my Neptune in the 3rd, so it says something about communicating my needs, especially about creativity and needing to feel like I matter! How true that is.Thanks Deirdre, you are marvellous.

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