Fiddler On The Roof… Tradition!

I spent the Leo eclipse evening watching a childrens’ summer camp theater production of Fiddler On The Roof. In the middle of the musical, Moon conjuncted South Node in Leo and all of us were transported back in time — either to another Fiddler On The Roof time in our lives, or for kids under 10, they just thought it was all old fashioned. “TRADITION!”, the children called out on Eclipse Evening as Jupiter in Capricorn, dramatized a big stories of culture, religion and philosophy.

I didnt know that the musical was named after the Marc Chagall painting, but it was. In the late 1800’s in Eastern Europe, the fiddle was a symbol of having a good time, despite the bad times, that reminds me of Jupiter in Capricorn too.

A big topic in Fiddler On The Roof is marrying within the religion, and fathers doing the arranging. Daughters being headstrong made it hard for the culture to be the culture. As I looked at the kids in the production, most were being raised by strong, single moms. Also, most of the kids in this production were Catholic. Moon in Leo made a joyous context to reflect on the cultural and sociological changes of this hundred-year-old story brought to life on stage once again. We are reminded that there are creative solutions to cultural conflict, and to express our will with joy, still maintaining the bonds of our families if possible.

Moon enters Virgo today at 5:00 pm EDT, and the creative mood from yesterdays eclipse may organize itself into the practical things we didn’t get done this week — especiall tomorrow morning, Sunday at 7:00 am EDT as Moon will conjunct Saturn. If you really wnat to get a lot done, and don’t care about good moods, wake up early and mop your floor and de-mold the refrigerator. In the evening Moon in Virgo will trine Jupiter, and we can enjoy our tidy successes.

We are now in the two week period between the eclipses. Notice who comes in your life, what symbol they carry and what is new. We are all in the Wardrobe together (the wardrobe of C.S. Lewis) so lets keep our eyes open and enjoy our lives.


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