Steeple Hit By Lightening One Day After Eclipse

Last Saturday, 24 hours and nine minutes after the total eclipse, this steeple of Mount Vernon United Methodist Church in Baltimore, was struck by lightening causing a fire which destroyed the 160-year-old church.

The parish of Mount Vernon Methodist church had been dwindling. In the 70’s, there were 200 active members, today there are 40. There was already discussion amongst the local Methodist churches about their small and aging congregations. this church was already struggling, now the question is will the church be able to raise 5.5 million dollars needed to rebuild?

In the last 15 years since Pluto has been going through Sagittarius, many churches have been confronted with the same issues of shrinking congregations, while Mega Churches elsewhere have grown with mega budgets. Last Saturday’s Leo eclipse blitz accelerated the issue dramatically.The future of this church remains unclear. Parisioners met Sunday and expressed hope that their church can be saved, and maybe it will be. Sometimes it takes a dramatic eclipse event to open our eyes and hearts to faith.


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