Mars Opposed Uranus; Freak Safely

Keep notes on this week’s Mars-Uranus opposition. You may want to look back on these notes around election day, during the Saturn-Uranus opposition. In the mean time, we’ve got excess ideas, electricity and energy on our hands. Vent, rant and release legally. Dance like men. I made a list which is not to be taken so seriously but to give an idea of my impresion of the energy.

1. If your gusto settings are adjustable, slide to medium; salute cruise control. Obey everything.

2. Try not to make fun of your friends’ accessories or works of art.

3. Hold onto the pole on the bus.

4. March in place rambunctiously while reciting the serenity prayer-

5. Russel up the crew against any odds; lead with winning visions and make a splash.

6. Drink some warm milk and listen to a Billy Joel lullaby before you go to bed — after listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit.

7. Work out rage in a dream or in the moments between unscrewing the cap of toothpaste and looking in the mirror.

8. Try out all the percussion instruments in the musical instrument store.

9. Ride in a truck with no upholstery and feel your body rattle on the road.

10. Take a walk around town buying newspapers from the homeless and donate them to all your favorite cafes.

11. Remember the last impulse purchase which left you drenched in regret.

12. Wait a couple weeks before popping the question.


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