Mars Opposed Uranus

Moon stays in Libra today politely pleading us to exchange pleasantries as some potentially challenging aspects become exact Eastern Daylight Time:
Mars opposed Uranus 2:37 pm | A Surprise
Mercury opposed Neptune 2:39 pm | Obscured Information
Moon trineNeptune 6:00 pm | Courteous Collective
Venus square Pallas 7:52 pm | Keep Overall Patterns in Sight
Today is a good day to consult someone about computer repair. There may be some problems which could be complicated. With the plethora of wattage charging us today, we may dig uncharachteristically deeper, feeling proud to find a surprising and best solution.
Once your computer is repaired you can look for poetic songs on the internet. Stay away from gossip and keep your end of the deal forthright. Storming off today could jipp us out of nice dinner with people we love deeply and gently. Keeping our focus on the forest, the broader picture, and not analyzing the bark on individual trees could help us feel strong in understanding our greatest and most important priorities.


3 thoughts on “Mars Opposed Uranus

  1. I think we have a psychic connection Deirdre, I was writing about bark and trees and seeing the whole picture today too! Maybe you can tell me where I left my wallet?:)

  2. Deidre, I was reading through your posts –backwards. On this day, I was in New York taking a class. That day there was indeed a serious computer breakdown which inhibited all of the class from getting their projects printed on time. Now we know why.–Joanne

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