Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The quarter moon in Scorpio is waxxing this evening, looking like half half. We are at the mid turning point between the solar and lunar eclipses. Perhaps we have let go of something; perhaps we will get it back. Next weekend is the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius building toward looking at our highly emotional issues intellectually and from a distance.


3 thoughts on “Quarter Moon in Scorpio

  1. A friend of mine got fired from a job. But when I look at his portfolio and then at the boring and dry layouts he had to make, I could see that job was not the right one. He needs a way more magical and nicer place. The eclipse fell opposing his 5th house Saturn. I think he is being directed to be more disciplined around developing his creativity. Fear Not Gem, whatever changes during the eclipse, embrace the change and read the signs taking you to the future. Love to you!

  2. I’m looking for a more magical place too! I realized it’s a job I wanted but not at the company I am at. I do wish your friend luck.I am looking to get a certification so I do not get passed up next time. Build away…

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