Moon in Sagittarius: An Unusual Good Mood

This evening Mercury celebrates its last night with Leo until next year with a deep trine to Pluto. We can have great meaningful talks that actually get us somewhere, like dancing into early wee Sunday morning hours, as Moon enters Sagittarius.

I think the I.Q. of our collective will be raised on Sunday when Mercury enters Virgo. For me as a Pisces, I imagine that thinking in a Virgo way could feel like the way a harpsichord sounds. With a harpsichord, because of the way it is constructed, I am very aware of each individual note, not like a piano with the pedals pressed so that the melody turns into a pisces, watercolor blur.

I looked up harpsichord in Wikipedia and found there is a subgrouping of harpsichords call Virginals, which are a “smaller and simpler rectangular form of the harpsichord with only one string per note running parallel to the keyboard on the long side of the case.” It seems unclear why they are named virginals but one theory is “the name derives from the instrument’s association with female performers, or its sound, which has been likened by some musical theorists to the sound of a young girl’s voice (vox virginalis). Other views are that the term comes from the word virgin, as it was most commonly played by young women, or that the name derives from the Virgin Mary as it was used by nuns to accompany hymns in honour of the Virgin.”

Later on Sunday evening Moon will move into a square to Saturn, so we may want to go home alone and play our Virginals. Sun will oppose Chiron. If you do play a musical instrument, you may want to give a friend a concert to sooth everyone’s soul. If you don’t play a musical instrument, write a letter as if you are playing the harpsichord / virginal. Enjoy the feeling of each letter passing from your mind to your fingers. When Sun opposes Chiron I say act on behalf of Chiron and find the sun in your partners soul. Speak gently, lovingly, and stay very aware of what is criticism and what is not. And on this note, let the new week, the week building toward a lunar eclipse, begin.

Jan Vermeer van Delft
Lady Seated at a Virginal
National Gallery London


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