Satisfying Sources of Sanity

On Wednesday this week, Venus conjuncts Saturn at 9° Virgo. Two days later on Friday, Mercury conjuncts Saturn at 9° Virgo, while Sun at 22° Leo opposes Neptune at 11° Leo.

Swimming, bathing showering and cleaning with water are all good remedies. Take your worries to the car wash and watch them rinse away. Leave the facility feeling organized, bright and cheery, for your car is clean. Try to be happy about this all day, all week.

As an alternative or supplement, we can especially enjoy getting dressed on Wednesday in clean, matching and garments of pure fibers. Match everything from backpack to bobby pin, booots to brassiere, co-ordination even in hidden places can be our big, satisfying sources of sanity.

In this mood we can tackle all things which normally bug us, like organizing receipts and bills. We can invent new ways to make our every day more effective. To celebrate the details, we surrender to another task and stop by a green grocer to buy the makings for super duper healthy food and feel immediate gratification. As we are driving home, we can notice that big shine on our cars one more time and get a big smile across our faces. This is just foreplay to the exciting season of Virgo.

Photo: Hu Totya, Wikipedia Commons, Carwash in Budapest


2 thoughts on “Satisfying Sources of Sanity

  1. Am feeling in sync…washed car today, cleaned out rental property for showing this week and bought my pups their alternate super healthy protein-centric holistic dog food (versus just their regular holistic dog food). My virgo pup appreciates the change every other month.Oh and also bought a mail sorter for my SO this weekend…he’s a (dis)organized pisces with papers all about.Feels good.

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