Life Decisions & Growing Up

I made my first life decision on the first day of kindergarten. Our nun took our drink order and the choices were: white milk, chocolate milk, or orange juice. And here was the clincher: we had to decide in September and that’s what we would get for the rest of the year until June, no changes, no exceptions.

This felt way out of line to me. Since when was I allowed to decide what I drink. If my mother knew the raucous that was already going on in this place called kindergarten…

I began the process of elimination. Orange juice was completely out; it was too sour back then. The heart of the problem was that chocolate was in the offering. That was like offering us Coke, basically. What fool would say no? The nun went around the room starting on her left side and I was sitting on her right. She asked each child and each one said chocolate.

My transit at that time was transiting Saturn conjunct Mercury in Pisces and I had a big decision to make about a liquid. My little sister had just been born, too. It was 1965. The Vietnam War was gaining more and more momentum, Bob Dylan had just released “Like A Rolling Stone”, the Beatles had just performed the first stadium concert at Shea Stadium, and I was sitting at a Catholic kindergarten deciding between chocolate and white. I was very aware I was too young to grow up, but I had to.

The nun finally got to me. I said white out of terror. I could not imagine a world where I would be allowed to drink chocolate milk every day.

Tomorrow, Mercury will conjunct Saturn at 9° Virgo. If any nuns come up to you and try to force any long term, high impact, life decisions, I say pour yourself a glass of chocolate milk. It may be that we will make some long term decisions tomorrow and I suggest we decide with love instead of fear.


8 thoughts on “Life Decisions & Growing Up

  1. I had to do this too! First grade, Catholic school. This is an outrage! Making little people who were just in the womb a few years before make a life-changing decision; how absurd. That was the hardest decision of my life. And yes, I chose chocolate.

  2. After interviewing two different but nice parties yesterday, I am planning on renting out my cute o’ pad….talk about huge life decisions! I have never been a landlord before…and both parties seem pretty reliable…I hope I make the right decision for both of us. They are both are akin to choosing chocolate milk…a bit quirky and murkily full of an unknown mixture…

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