Mars in Libra: On the Beauty Warpath

While Mars is in Libra, a curling iron could be a good investment for the straight haired as would be a straightener for the curly. Look to Libran Angie Dickenson for that understated, elegant swoop. If your life is intense, and it just could well be, channel beauty as a kind of therapy. Sun is in Leo, create a little mane.

I picked Angie Dickenson because my dad, a Libran, lusts after her and always has, when she was the star of Police Woman and especially when she was in Point Blank. Wikipedia says: “The impact of Police Woman resulted not only in a rash of sexy, but also strong female-driven series (mostly of a more fanciful nature) like Charlie’s Angels, The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman during the mid-197s.”

This week, while Mars is in Libra and the Moon is about to go into Aries, action is in the air. On Thursday, Sun still in Leo trines Pluto and the anthem could be “I Am Woman” for both genders to enjoy. Helen Reddy also Sang “Angie Baby”, and I always thought that was about Angie Dickenson (more likely it was inspired by the Rolling Stones). Wikipedia says the song’s author, Alan O’Day “finally revealed in 1998 that the ‘crazy’ heroine in the song had ‘magic power’ and ‘special abilities’, and that he had deliberately blurred the lines between fantasy and reality.”

As the Sun passes through the last days of Leo, we can creatively tune into our ideals and new paths shown to us from the eclipses. Particularly this week with the Sun trine Pluto and the T-Square with Mars-Pluto-Moon, channel your energy into beauty, along the lines of give peace a chance.

The Point Blank poster was designed in Poland by Bronislaw Zelek in 1967.


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