Knots in Stomachs about Growing Up

A new moon in Virgo has just passed, and it was conjunct Saturn. I can think of warmer, cozier combinations but not more correct or starched ones. Last night as the moon was exactly new I sat at my kitchen table with a schedule for September. Tomorrow my son begins his first day of a new school in 5th grade. As I am out in the neighborhood, I have run into other mothers talking about how their children are nervous about the new school that goes all the way up to 12th grade with really big kids. Tomorrow’s 5th graders have knots in their stomachs, and maybe we all still have butterflies from the full moon eclipse two weeks ago.

On Monday, moon goes into Libra at 1:45 Central European Time, and this will be a good time to works out the knots one on one. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are stellium in Libra days so it may come more naturally for us non-Librans to put our partners first. Early on Thursday morning, Sun conjuncts Saturn, just as Moon conjuncted Saturn last night, but this time Moon will be in Scorpio, not Virgo. Rather than having knots in our stomachs, I think Thursday and Friday we will be able to feel the psychology in our new Fall structures. There may be a skeptic vibe in the air, as Scorpio brings. Rather than project this on someone else, maybe we can identify power struggles in our own personalities and situations. If we can own our darkest shadows we may free ourselves to grow up and ultimately enjoy the advantages of trusting our lives.


5 thoughts on “Knots in Stomachs about Growing Up

  1. Thanks for this line, Deirdre:”If we can own our darkest shadows we may free ourselves to grow up and ultimately enjoy the advantages of trusting our lives.”You hit the nail on the head with what’s been going on with me these past few weeks. Yikes.

  2. I just became a landlord and am terrified! The idea that strangers are now living in my beloved little casita is terrifying and exciting. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did…it’s like a new chapter starting.Knots….lots of them 🙂

  3. Knots indeed!I begin teaching for the school year on Wednesday. I wish it would get easier…But taking a class this past summer put me in my student position. I think I gained a little empathy that will go to good use.-jkali

  4. It’s nerve wracking though! I hope they enjoy my little place. I’ve also recently joined some peer work related organizations which I fought for sometime….I forget that I am closer to 40 than not…growing up a bit late….:-)Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for doing all that you do.Best.

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