Wishing Things Were Different

Hi Deirdre,
I would be interested in what you have to say about my chart regarding children. I have three children already and would like another. This is confusing to me. For your insight I would be grateful.
Thank You,
Hope W. from England


Dear Hope,
I am happy for you that you have three children — your chart certainly reveals that you are a stable and wise mother. Your 5th house is Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. Your Moon is in Taurus, very steady, and conjunct Ceres, giving you a natural sense of the feminine authority. Your Moon is positively aspected to your Sun in Pisces and Vesta in Capricorn. In fact, you may be so used to your world humming away to Life’s practicalities, it is as if you say to your self —I am doing everything right, why is this wish not coming true?

The issue I see, is that currently now and the recent past, has been a difficult time period for you. Saturn has been opposing your Pisces planets giving you the feeling that unnecessary road blocks have appeared which never used to be there. Maybe, perhaps, your partner is not around as often as you think you would like.

I cannot help but to mention that you have the chart of a very independent woman. North Node in Aquarius on ascendant and Uranus in the 7th house. This suggests that you look to unconventional solutions within partnership issues. For example, admiring the space between you and your partner with awe and love may strengthen the bond and deepen the communication in all of your partnerships. Although you are a sensitive Pisces, more and more your life may be asking you to detach and see particular problems from a distant perspective. This, I think, will be the key to your emotional happiness and intellectual satisfaction.

All the best for you and your family


2 thoughts on “Wishing Things Were Different

  1. Hi Hope,The kind of astrology I do is about our free will being stronger than our astrology charts. I do not do specific predictions. I give advice to make you aware you are in the driver seat and the choice is yours. We are stronger than our charts!All the best,Deirdre

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