Equinox and Balance

The big deal about Equinoxes and Solstices is they are the Sun’s Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual reports. Some investors clamor for financial and marketing reports, the same way some astrologers dash for quarterly Sun positions to get information about trends. This week the Sun “publishes” its 3rd Quarter Report at the moment when Sun enters Libra, on Monday, September 22, just before noon on Wall Street.

In 2008, what particularly fuses the notion of Equinoxes and Quarterlies is Pluto’s ingress over a cardinal angle, the ingress into Capricorn. This year’s Quarterly Sun positions are all either square, opposition or conjunct Pluto, and Pluto has already eaten Capricornian pomegranate seeds two quarters ago.

With a quarterly report created during the Libra season one may ask, what is fair? Is this just? An image for Libra is the scales and at this moment there is the number $700 Billion balancing the scales. This is the number which is roughly the cost of the Iraq war so far AND happens to be the same number the Bush administration wants from the U.S. Treasury to save Wall Street. Is this fair?

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House says, “We must insulate Main Street from Wall Street and keep people in their homes.” Ms. Pelosi is an Aries and she is talking about insulating or protecting Cancer (Main Street) from Capricorn. In astrology this could correspond to protecting the country from its official agencies, or protecting the Mother from the Father.

At this September’s equinox, all of the Aires points are ablaze, with the sun now lighting up Libra. To project this overlay onto our own life map, lets hold on to our hats and look back to Fall 2007 when Mars was retrograde in Cancer. We may have had pressing emotional projects that went on hold or felt in a state of suspension. At the march 2008 Equinox, we got a glimpse into where the project was heading. Remember back to March 2008, to the seeds we were planting while Pluto was in Capricorn.

Now at this equinox, the message is to work in partnership, not alone. At this equinox, Moon is at 5° Cancer, which is the degree where Mars was at the at the March, or Vernal Equinox, when Sun passed over the Aries point. What domestic seeds were planted which we can nurture now?

At this equinox, Mercury is nearly perfectly stationary and it is conjunct Mars. What have we been holding ourselves back from saying. What have we withheld for the last seasons? In Mercury’s stillness, it could be time to come forth, declare who we are what we have been hiding or protecting about ourselves in relationship. With this vacuum available and some courage from Mars, Just Say It. Mercury in Libra makes for an ideal breeding ground for fairness and justice. What we want to watch for is the kind of passive rage Libra can hold inside at the price of ugliness. We can picture our partners are primed for harmony, this may loosen our silence assuring a polite unraveling of what we have held inside.

As we look forward to the southern solstice coming up in December, Moon will be in Libra, while Sun conjuncts Pluto at 0° Capricorn. My impression is our partnerships will become more important than they already are. Those of us who are used to going it alone, best toss vulnerability to the wind. Fair and Equal relationships will strengthen us at a time when the world financial stage is in a state of free fall.

As we move toward the southern solstice, when Sun conjuncts Pluto the safest tact is for us to wipe our egos on the welcome mat before coming home. What we have is each other no more and no less.


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