Venus in Scorpio and the Unknown

Venus enters Scorpio tonight at 10:58 pm in Hamburg. Four hours later, Mercury stations retrograde at 22° Libra and holds a trine to Neptune which is ours for the asking all week. The Moon wanes to the yearly New Moon in Libra on September 29, which is Monday next week.

I sometimes think of Scorpio as waiting to play its hand until a win is guaranteed. This can put some pressure on Venus who likes to attract and have things easy. Poetry and art (Mercury trine Neptune) can be our doors to the upcoming New Moon at 5° Libra. A longing for intimacy can make a conversation seem like a jumping off a cliff, extreme and dramatic like Scorpio. But we can remember it’s just a conversation, and most likely, there is no cliff.

This photograph of the cliff comes from Nathalie at The Sydney Daily Snap.


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