Saturn-Uranus Oppostion: Balancing Relationship

T’is the lovely season of Libra. Sun, Mercury, Mars and on Monday also the Moon will be in the sign of Libra. Venus, Libra’s ruler, has taken a pretty dive into Scorpio. We are dancing in two’s and feeling a bond and as we do Juno squares Uranus exact on Saturday. We may be talking to our friends and family about space (Uranus) in committed relationships (Juno).

I talked to a dear friend yesterday and the topic was being in love — just loving everything about their lover and knowing that if they said “I love you”, or “Will you be my boyfriend”, that the whole energy of the relationship could possibly take a nose dive. My friend said as it is now, she can dream that one day they can have a committed, long distant relationship, but giving it a name now could disturb the natural flow, and she wasn’t interested in risk that loss.

Another friend told me she decided she never has enough time to miss her husband, he leaves the house at 8 and comes back at 6. “How could I miss him?” She said he complains that she is on the computer too much. he thinks she uses the computer (Uranus) to escape (Pisces) the relationship (Juno). She probably does. Another friend, born in 1980 and coming up on his Saturn return, told me, that the heart of the matter is, he wishes they were at a place in their reltionship, that they were building something together, and that is more of a Saturn issue. In his relationship, he has chosen a Uranian behaving partner to play out his Saturn Return.

This weekend, Juno is receiving pressure from the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Juno is in Sagittarius at 20°, Uranus is in Pisces at 20° and Saturn is at 15° Virgo. The opposition is not exact, but it is cooking.

As we do have a stellium in Libra, and Venus is the ruler, it is an interesting time, especially considering the Saturn-Uranus opposition, to remember where Venus came from.

According to mythology, Saturn castrated his father, Uranus, because he had a habit of eating his children for fear they would take his power. Uranus testicles fell into the sea, they foamed and from the depths of the sea emerged Venus.

During the New Moon in Libra on Monday we can weigh our relationships on the libran scales of partnership. Remember the state of bliss with which babies can come into the world and how their consciousness is love. We can look toward the highest energies of Saturn (exalted in Libra) and Uranus (exalted in Scorpio) as tuning planets if we feel a longing for balance. Chances are, with the North Node and Chiron in Aquarius may be nudging us toward some untraditional Uranian ways which may ultimately be our path toward greatest stability if we can breath into Saturn and let go of our fears.


3 thoughts on “Saturn-Uranus Oppostion: Balancing Relationship

  1. oy, i’m going to be lit up like crazy. moon/nep at 20ish sag, saturn at 16 virgo. my mom is going to see my fiance this weekend and i’m stuck at work, as i have been for the past year (sun and venus under the saturn siege too). on top of that, one of my bosses is acting very fishy.

  2. I hope you can fit in an hour of cultural arts inspiration after you leave work this weekend. If not, maybe your fiancé and your mom can make a movie about what a hero you are and you can show it to your boss.

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