Ceres, Chiron and Feminine Wisdom

News headlines around the world have recently been covering a crisis around food safety in China: to date, 54,000 babies have been sickened with compromised dairy products.

As reported to the Associated Press, one mother of a sick baby said: “I fed my baby powdered milk because ads said it was more nutritious than breast milk. We trusted that the government would provide adequate tests to ensure food quality.”

Tomorrow, the opposition of Ceres to Chiron will be exact. Ceres is the goddess of food and agriculture. In astrology, we look to Ceres around food and nurturing issues. If we read the Greek myth about Ceres, there is also a theme involving heartbreak and despair around a mother losing her daughter Persephone to the underworld. In this case the underworld is represented by a one-party political system and greedy business able to adjust regulations in a kind of fearful secrecy. It is unknown how long exactly, but some un-named dairy farmers have reported that it has been an open secret that milk has been “adulterated”.

Ceres is currently in Leo directly opposing the North Node and Chiron in Aquarius. The nasty secret of the tainted milk is now out in the open, a scandalous and greedy public wound (Chiron) around nurturing (Ceres) for all to see (Aquarius).


3 thoughts on “Ceres, Chiron and Feminine Wisdom

  1. Hi Joanne. Your Ceres is together with Pluto in you 12th house. I think you acquire immense power around your feminine wisdom in dreams and the creative process, too. Relax, there is nothing to brace for — unless of course you go flying off to Chine to give those baby milk formula executives a piece of your mind. Then THEY have something to brace for! greetings from Deirdre

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