Mercury Retrograde, Mr. Holler and a Telephone Chain

When Moon is in Scorpio, I find there is always a vibe. I got a call from a parent from my son’s class tonight saying tomorrow school would start at 9:50 am instead of 8:00. I found this surprising — there was no explanation, the plot was a mystery. Who dun wot?

Moon is in Scorpio, Mercury is in Libra retrograde. On reflex I was politely unprobing. We have a telephone chain for this 5th grade class, it’s very complex and looks like a family tree with branches. The theory is each person is called twice so no stone is unturned. But I could only figure out one of the people on my branch and his name is Mr. Holler, and he received my disruptive phone call jovially.

An hour later I got another call from the telephone chain explaining there was a mistake, that school will begin at 8:55 instead of 8:00. So I had to call Mr. Holler again but instead Mrs. Holler answered and I gave her the change of data. She giggled and told me she already knew and had been called twice. I was speechless. So it is, here in Germany, where triple strength organization is but silly putty in a retrograde.

Moon will stay in Scorpio on Thursday, and the vibe may continue to be heavy and mysterious. To add another layer of Scorpio energy, Mars and Pluto, both co-rulers of Scorpio, will form a sextile. I suggest bottling this raw, relentless willpower and get the information. This sextile may be like a Mystery Greeting Cocktail for the entry of Mars into Scorpio on Saturday. Detectives, start your notebooks.


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