Enrollment Now Open at the Chirotic School of Astrology

I am happy to announce to you, our astrology colleagues and friends, that Jeremy Neal, of Chirotic has founded a school called the Chirotic School of Astrology. If you have been wanting to take your astrology to a deeper level, I can not think of anyone kinder, safer, more knowledgeable or dignified than Jeremy Neal.

Jeremy learned astrology from his grandfather about whom Jeremy writes: He had a large library of occult and mystical titles. The best times I remember was walking up the winding wooden staircase at the back of the shop and into his workshop where he framed pictures; the floors were a sea of wood shavings and he would light his pipe and I would sit and listen to him him.

Jeremy continues: Learning the astrology, at any level, is never going to be easy and whilst I was fortunate enough in the early days of my own instruction to be able to turn to a wiser and more experienced mentor, many aspiring astrologers are not nearly as lucky. It is for this reason that I have decided that I will be taking on a select number of students who will be able to benefit from a personal dialogue with me, and to learn my own methods and approaches.

I aim to cater for more or less any level of experience and insight, from the complete beginner, up to and including those who simply wish to explore some of the more rarefied and esoteric realms of study. If you would be interested in becoming one of my students, in the first instance you should email me with a short introduction, explaining your understanding of the astrology and what – if you have any particular inclination – you would be interested in studying. If you are at all uncertain about my personal areas of expertise in the astrology then please read a few of the past posts on this journal for a view.

Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis, so register your interest early (and of course there is no obligation involved resulting from sending me an email) to ensure that I will be able to take you on.

I encourage you to contact Jeremy at chirotic.school@googlemail.com to enroll in classes at the Chirotic School of Astrology.


One thought on “Enrollment Now Open at the Chirotic School of Astrology

  1. I read a lot of astrology and Jeremy Neal is one of the finest living astrologers today.I had a reading done and recommend him to anyone who is looking for an astrologer who is both kind and wise.

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