Lost: Astrology Book

For a while now, I have been trying to track down a book I gave away in 1995. This was the first astrology book I ever read. I bought it in 1989 in Boston. I cannot remember the title or the author, but the image above is as clear a memory I have of this book. It was orange and had several crystal patterns illustrated in white. This book was about 6 inches wide and 9 inches tall (about 15 x 23 centimeters) in paperback.

The book covered basic astrology and was written by a very technical person. The style was very dry and detailed, but it was the book which drew me into the circle of the chart and got me understanding the interplay of as above, so below. This book was all in black and white and the text was set in a small serif typeface. My vague memory is the book had been translated from German to English.

My big question is: Do you know this book? If so, what is the title and who is the author? For any tidbits of info I would be grateful.


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