Flora Power

Dear Deirdre:
Would you please write about my daughters horoscope?
Thank you very much,

Dear Martinique,
On the day your daughter was born, the sun had just set and the moon had just risen. This is the constellation of a full moon. Your daughter was born the day before (or 28 hours before) the full moon, and this is a very general and broad expression of her life’s feeling, that in her life she may always be aware of the fullness just in front of her — full emotions, full power, full bank accounts, full freedom, full optimism and even a full plate.

The sun was in the constellation Gemini at 1° in the 6th house making a positive aspect to good luck planet Jupiter, indicating a natural communicator. Gemini is the sign of the twins, the sign of two, the sign of communication. It could be that she will have a cast of characters she can play — the comedian, the storekeeper, the storyteller, the entertainer. She may play these characters with full concentration, completely in control of even the humor appropriate to each character. These characters can change weekly, hourly and by the minute. As a child, roll playing will be very fun for her. “Lets play store”, she might say, or “lets play hospital”, or “lets play I am the mommy and you are the baby”. She can bend her mind like an athlete. Playing these characters while she is small will provide her with the tools and a map to discover depth of emotions and truths in boundaries. She may be able to play a funny character on the outside but she will experience an emotional depth on her inside which she may keep very, very, carefully protected deep in her heart.

In astrology we look to the moon to read emotional impressions. When your daughter was born the moon was in the sign of Scorpio and this may give her depth and intensity almost not typical for a small person. She may sense all the emotions in her environment and she could reward truth and clarity with unending devotion. It may be very important that people close to her keep agreements. If she is promised something and it does not happen, she may note this and wait 20 minutes, 20 days or even 20 years later, whenever the timing is right. She will quietly find the right time to set a boundary. She can sense a good character from a bad character and this could be her great protection. Behind all her joy and silliness, she may take in her world very seriously and makes deep and lasting bonds with the few people to whom she is completely devoted.

Because your daughter may be able to feel all the emotions in a room, she may love to have quiet time to herself. This is not anti-social behavior but could be a way to add strength to her spirit. As she grows up more and learns to read and write, she may find a lot of joy and satisfaction in keeping a journal, or maybe a few journals, one for each character she likes to express. She may enjoy learning words to songs and writing poetry of her own, as Venus makes a positive connection to Neptune, which can be a sign of talent in describing a connection to the divine in love and inspiration.

Your daughter has a very balanced chart the way the planets are distributed equally around the circle. This can be a sign of being interested in many facets of life and being very open to broad, new thoughts, ideas and practices. She is very lucky indeed to have talents to express and communicate the deep feelings of her experience with the lightness of a butterfly.

Sincerely Yours,


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