Authority and Chiron

Dear Deirdre, There is something with my boss. I don’t think she likes me, but I don’t know why. Do you see anything in my chart about this?
Thanks, Scorpio in Australia

Dear Scorpio in Australia,
When you say boss, I look at your 10th house. That is the house of career, any kind of authority including parental authority as well as your way of being in public. I have highlighted this house with a big white light. This is what Chiron does too, I think. Sometimes the light is so bright, it is hard to see through the glare. Your natal Chiron is retrograde in the sign Taurus and I will explain what this means.
Chiron can bring a kind of excruciating awareness to wherever it is in a chart. So in your chart with Chiron being in the 10th, your wish to have your career running smoothly is strong. To compensate for such a strong wish, self-awareness may be a key to a subtle shift in your efforts. With self-awareness you may be able to see your career and your boss and your relationship to authority from more of a distance.
Chiron in Taurus may indicate issues with values. Maybe you love diamond rings and champagne and wish you did not. Maybe in your life it is possible to have times when you look at the world through the filter, What do other people have that I do not. This can bring an overwhelming feeling of Am I Enough? The short answer is diamond rings, as you well know anyway, do not make people happy, the question is what does, and this you find out as your master your life as a manager.
In your chart, Chiron is retrograde. This means Chiron is a very strong magnet. In your situation you are a magnet and your boss is metal. You attracted her for a lesson in values. What are her values. Does she value you? She may not — and this is not because you are not valuable. This is because it is only a lesson about how valuable you truly are.
When a planet is retrograde, there can be a playing of events from the past. Perhaps in a past life you did not value your boss or perhaps once again she did not value you and in this lifetime you are here to repeat the lesson. You are young and she is your boss, so she is aour authority. What can you do to value your self in this situation.
These are my suggestions to you in finding peace with authority:
Read books about effective management in business. This could give you a kind of power that soothes you. Notice if you or your boss give authority away and then complain about it. Be careful of this. I say this because your Sun opposes the Chiron. You are the Sun, so you may be projecting that your boss is Chiron. She is just a person, and she may have a totally different lesson to learn. It doesn’t matter, because your job is to find your peace with and mastery as authority.
Cook. Because Chiron is in Taurus, I look to the ruler of Taurus to get more information. Venus, highlighted with a pink star on the right, is in your 5th house in Capricorn, trining Moon in Taurus and sextiling Mercury. These are positive aspects and can help you strengthen and fine-tune your role as an authority. Because of the Moon in Taurus and as well with Saturn and Ceres (the pink star on the left) both in Libra, I get the message of cooking as a practical art. With Moon in the 9th I would imagine that for you traveling could be a lot about food. Write down the recipes and most importantly learn how to cook them. When you cook, this is an act of devotion for the people you cook for and when you eat you can thank the divine for providing you with healing nourishment. Can you imagine producing a cookbook? Healing Foods for Stressed Out Managers? What does your inner manager need to eat to balance the tender issue of delegating and owning projects.
Teach. You mentioned you are an accountant. You are also called in this life to do something healing. This is because of having Chiron in the 1oth. As an accountant you can heal individuals, organizations and businesses where they don’t know what is going on at all, with their money. As you progress in your career, you may get offered to teach other people how to become an accountant. By all means take this opportunity because your students will learn a lot from you, and you will learn a lot from them. Teach them that they need an accountant and very important too, follow your own advice.

Wishing you comfort, wisdom and healing as a manager,

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