Saturn Uranus Oppostion, Monkey See Monkey Do and a Problem

This morning I woke up having felt the pressure of the Saturn – Uranus opposition even as I was sleeping. I feel this opposition so strongly in politics, of course, and now personally regarding the subject of a person having a problem. I just found out someone I love is having a problem and now all of us who know that person are polarized and there is this feeling, that we too now, are also a divided nation.

It’s really easy to remember that the above mentioned opposition is exact because all we need to do is see a picture of McCain or Obama. It’s now and in astrology it’s happening at 18 degrees on the Virgo – Pisces axis. Do you have any personal planets at 18° anywhere? If you do I believe we are spending too much energy on our personal defense instead of personal development. There is a huge amount of energy focused here, so I hope I can take my own advice, work on myself and not project the opposition onto my own tribe.

Today when I was imagining the Saturn – Uranus opposition aligning with my natal Mercury in Pisces, I pictured Mercury as my mind, Uranus, right on top of my mind, and on top of Uranus is Saturn. I realized this stays in place, even when I am sleeping. I felt like a totem, still processing the polarity at night, like batteries charging while I sleep. I feel like I am wearing this opposition like a stack of hats extending from my mind, like Caps For Sale. Like the main character in this book, I have a lot on my mind, and I want to improve sales.

One theme in the story written and illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina is “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. When the main character throws his hat on the ground in anger, mimicking him, the monkeys throw down their hats, without empathy of the anger, just out of the mirroring reflex to copy. This describes a near involuntary action which is the surprise factor in the book, and comments on the contrast of having empathy or not. I struggle to feel empathy for the person I love who is having a problem. I fear the person having a problem could change the world as I know it. I also struggle to feel empathy for McCain, who I also fear (Saturn) wants to suddenly (Uranus) blow up the world. In my polarity I have zero tolerance for “the other side”.

If there is the climate of “Monkey See, Monkey Do” in the air during this Saturn – Uranus opposition, this may speak to a lack of empathy in our collective. If we want to get out of this polarity, the way out could be a conscious practicing of empathy. It’s something to think about, to consider and start to practice. In the end, we are all one, and we need each other, and as we see with Pluto’s pre-entry into Capricorn, our needing each other will increase. Do I possibly need McCain? Do I need the person having a problem? Do I need the people who are against me for my intolerance to the person having a problem? These thoughts are humbling, because for a fact I love the person having a problem and I love all the people (Uranus) who are against me (Saturn) for that.


5 thoughts on “Saturn Uranus Oppostion, Monkey See Monkey Do and a Problem

  1. i love it when you get metaphorical with images! i have saturn roughly on my saturn right now. i’m dealing with the polarity of a period that requires intense concentration at work, for me to harvest all that i have been working on for the past 5 years, and the feeling that i want to throw it all away and be free. i’ve got cap and virgo so i won’t but my heart is wanting freedom sooner than it can have it.

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