Sign by Sign guide to the Neptune Station

Early Sunday morning in Europe, and late Saturday night in California, Neptune at 21° Aquarius, will station forward, which may bring a great outpouring of some kind and could flow into the next days or weeks. Look at your chart to see where you have Aquarius to get an idea of the way this can happen. The impact will be more or less intense, depending on the gestalt of your chart and current transits. When Neptune stations, we can have the feeling of being suspended in an altered reality and it’s important to direct this and stay aware. Whether we are swept away in tragic romance, practicing extraordinary devotion or in severe pain and looking for escape, here is a sign by sign guide for the current Neptunian change happening now:

ARIES. You may question where you belong and where you are going in your life. This is something big to wonder about so take care of mental and physical health, serve the desperate in the most real ways possible. Some daredevils go over the waterfall blinded in a barrel to find they risked the place in society of which they had dreamed. Putting off pleasure now may be the easiest way to fulfill your responsibilities and lead you to the solid ground with a soft and measured landing.

TAURUS. You may feel either quite inspired or confused by how your career is going and how it may continue to be. Check in with yourself and see if you have any ego invested in this. Once removed, you may find that you are getting joy out of serving, if serving you really are. You may also experiment with letting go of the drama that romance is special. Imagine romance being so not special, almost in the way that communism glorifies the worker and the group. This non-sensationalism will keep your heart open to love that stays.

GEMINI. You may feel your dreams don’t stop even when you wake up. Or you may be on a long journey looking for the meaning of life. The allure to submerge yourself in the spirit of the information can be great, but make sure to hold on to the farm because back home could be where you are really needed. Fear not, a small altar can make a divine and inspired person.

CANCER. People in your life may seem so intense right now, that you may want to escape in the comfort of mystical experience and feel completely in tune with the concept that we are all one, both the dead and the living. One necessity of life on this side is dealing with money, so make sure that the intense people around you are being upright in monetary matters. You may feel contracts are not necessary or too much work, but a simple piece of white paper with black letters printed on it may save you from self deception.

LEO. You may feel the turn in your relationships. Are the people in your life relating to you with divine motivation and inspiration? Could it be that people important to you could bring you down in their fall? Even if you are a rock star, concentrate on your humble job and imagine you are attaching the bumper on a hybrid car to be distributed in carpooling lotteries. A risk-aversive attitude in relationships may be your rescue and allow you to open the curtains and the front door to let the sun shine in.

VIRGO. You may be wishing you could control your day more because the map to your destination seems filled with obstacles and delays — and partners keep surprising. It can be that the obstacles are advising you to live more like a dog: take naps all day, lick people, run after a ball, tell everyone you are hungry and wag your tail a lot. Everyone will pet you until you forget what a map is and the obstacles will become smaller than fleas and then disappear.

LIBRA. Be careful around love punch parties and those who think they have everything under control. If a creative dream feels like it is sinking into quicksand, a retreat in the quiet of solitude could be soothing and beneficial to you. When your nerves are quieted you may have the strength to drive pilings into the Earth, and revive the dream.

SCORPIO. The secure dream you long for could be making you tired and moody. There might be something confusing at home. Plan a spiritual kind of Thanksgiving meal — maybe vegetarian or foods typical of your early childhood. Invite only people who understand and support your current goals in life. The common loyalty may give you energy to continue with the dream.

SAGITTARIUS. A deluge of ideas, a change of concept, confusion with siblings or a discussion with a neighbor over the hedge may leave you wondering. Something may feel secretive and obscure. You may be hesitant to speak at all and feel unsure of what to say. Hang in there, it has been a heavy ride and it will be getting lighter. A visit to a museum near where you live surely holds at least one object in which you can lose your current heavy self and remember how goofy you used to be and still are.

CAPRICORN. You may feel unsure of how you are earning your money and the more you look the more unclear it can get. You may be meeting conservative, well-dressed people who also don’t know how they earn money either, and you may all work at the same place. Wading steadily in the mysterious paper work may let you fit more time in your day, and time they say, is money.

AQUARIUS. The way you come off to people may be different than you think. You may feel as if you are gentle, refined and reasonable but your partner may experience you as Niagara Falls. Ask them if this is true. Say,”Am I coming on too strong?” Then notice their reaction. If there is any panic, veer away from rebellious reflex. Instead, take precious and serious care to let go of your ego in the negotiation.

PISCES. It may be very very quiet right now. The Neptune station happens in your solar and very hidden and Piscean 12th house. This quiet is necessary so you can hear the confident voice you have always known you have had and which you can use in a subtle range of ways. A rocked boat resets to steady with the love and gentleness you direct toward yourself and relationships.

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6 thoughts on “Sign by Sign guide to the Neptune Station

  1. Thank you for posting this advice as I come into a week of difficult interpersonal dealings and negotiations…(Aquarian/Pisces cusp)Roughing and Tumbling in Boston…– Joanne

  2. Joanne, You can also read Virgo, too, because it’s your rising sign. Yes life is really picking up at a noticeable clip, and this Aquarian/Pisces cusp is attracting Positive Power from Pluto. That means take the helm, no fear, all love. ——Deirdre

  3. I only pay attention to my asc sign reading these assessments and it is right on. With 12H neptune transit, I am forced to keep mum on something very life changing and exciting…at least for this week…then little by little after things are ok, will let it out near the holidays…Thanks for writing D.

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