Six Eclipses in 2009

There will be six eclipses in 2009, and that’s more than usual. An average year has four. But it fits doesn’t it, this feeling of a new era, so of course there are more eclipses to boost the change. The first two eclipses will happen on January 26 (6° Aquarius), just as Jupiter enters Aquarius, and February 9,(20° Leo) just after the second pass of Saturn opposed Uranus. The next three eclipses will be July 7 (15° Capricorn), and then a Total Solar Eclipse (29° Cancer) will pass over China, where the earthquake was last year. The third Eclipse of Summer in the Northern hemisphere will be August 6, (13° Aquarius). The final eclipse happens just before the year ends on New Years Eve (10° ‘Cancer).

This year the Leo – Aquarius as well as the Cancer – Capricorn axes are highlighted. Those of us with personal planets in those signs will do well to welcome the new and throw out the old for a fresh new change.


4 thoughts on “Six Eclipses in 2009

  1. Glad this info is helpful. I will write more about each of the eclipses. The eclipse you mentioned will surely command a continued positive momentum in your career, and this will be clear to all. My next post is about the January 26, 2009 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. I am writing about it already because it is positive — conjunct Jupiter! I thought I would write about this now so we start making space for this in our lives.Plus it is so dark and dreary in Northern Europe right now, it feels good to have a positive goal first thing in the new year.

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