Collective Pain: Chrion in Aquarius, and Aquariuses Feelin It Hard

Dear Deirdre,
You had seen in my chart an up-coming challenging time, and it is now here. It is so difficult, especially exactly now — even my neck is hurting me, of course probably psychosomatic. would you please give me a little hope? That would help me a lot.

Dear Aquarius
Glad you wrote to me. I will first tell you what is going on in general for everyone, because it is very intense and I think you are feeling it, especially because of your career. And then I will tell you what I see in your chart now and in the near future.

The Cosmos in General. Our cosmos is currently going through a great change. We are feeling this with increasing intensity, especially this month. I do not think you are alone in your pain, many of us are feeling this desperateness, like a last gasp — a feeling of a last chance at whatever it is we want. A significant 13-year cycle is ending. I think you are very sensitive and you feel this.

Two very slow-moving, era-defining planets, Uranus and Pluto, are about to make significant moves, and this occurs at the end of this month. Uranus is your ruling planet, it is the ruler of Aquarius, and this planet will go forward on November 27. This can feel like you have been longing for some progress in your life, and you will get it, like a tsunami pounding a prepared and willing coastline. Also on November 27, Pluto will change signs and move from Sagittarius to Capricorn where it will stay until 2023. Pluto has been in the sign of Sagittarius since 1995. This was an era which focused on celebrities and making a big deal of nothingness and I believe this new era will focus on what makes our lives really work — I mean what really feeds our souls. You have been reporting on celebrities during this peak time to be doing so and that was lucky to be there on the top of the wave.

You may find that business management, and I mean real business management, not criminal business management will be the new focus. Either management or a kind of spirituality or art which can inspire human beings to reach their potential, these areas will replace our society’s recent obsession with lifestyles of the rich and famous. You may find that interviewing a visionary CEO of a really healthy company or an article on Buddhism will eventually generate the interest and sales that Paris Hilton used to. I believe this difficult feeling you have now has to do with growing pains because you are adjusting to this new age.

Now, until a little after New Years. I see your chart is not very cozy at the moment (Saturn -Uranus opposition squaring Mars in Sagittarius in the 5th), and I am really sorry. Normally you have a huge capacity for fun and this is blocked in the moment — only temporarily — this is not forever. But, this is unusual. Normally you can turn on you easy going self, but now for a short while this easy going self is not easy going.

I think to turn this non-fun energy around, the answer is disciplined fun and I will give you a bad example. Lets say you decide to write a joke book. You have the discipline to write one joke every 12 hours, if you like. Or if you are really stressed out, then every six hours. You could become, in this sour mood, a joke expert, simply from the discipline. You could emerge from the end of 2008, a Humeur Savant, but it will have been very painful. I am not sure what you want to create, I just said a joke book, but it could also be a screenplay about the misery in your life, but with dry black humor. Or this could be a travel book too, you will know best, but I am talking about a way of going deeper into the pain, and not falling into a black hole because of the creative act which keeps us sane.

2009, Starting January. This coming year, 2009, year you will find much pleasantness in (and I say this because his progresssed Moon will be conjunct his 9th house Venus in Aries)

  • foreign travel to someplace further and homier than usual
  • someplace where the food attracts you,
  • in creating a home in a foreign place,
  • in being invited to others homes for dinners,
  • in going out to dinner in large groups,
  • in improving or learning a foreign language by taking a class

I also encourage you to immerse yourself in thoughts larger than yourself, like philosophy, art, astrology, or politics. Your ambition will take you to all of these places where you are sure to be surrounded with beauty, and what you define as luxury.

This year you have quite an opportunity for a new project or new possibility in your day job which is filled with good luck and can expand your life in a way you thought not possible (Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter conjuncting natal Sun in the 6th). I think if you spend a lot of time in another country it will also be good to find a chiropractor or healer there. With the pain you are in, you are very open to healing energy. You will know the right healer when you see him or her, and maybe it is the one you already have. The healer I imagine could be younger than you, from a different cultural background, uses a technique which you find fascinating and when you meet that healer, it will be like you see a Blitz, like the room or the floor can turn white for a second. This healer could lead you to the root of your pain, to get to the very heart of the matter. This will be done in a very jovial way, in the spirit of optimism with an intelligent kind of a humor. And strangely, this healer will need you as much as you need the healer.

You may want to write down your dreams and go deep into your subconscious mind. What you discover could be very inspiring indeed. I think going into your subconscious mind will help lead you to what you want to do in a couple of years.

Hang in there, Aquarius, our society needs you and the work you do and will be doing. The world wants what you have to offer.



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